The annual film festival TFF is held in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. The festival’s aim is watching interesting movies, discussing them, giving and getting the prizes and having a nice autumn evening.


• Movies less than 20 minutes runtime, including credits.
• Movies that have not been produced before the 1st January 2016
• Movies by films makers from all over the world, in any language. Movies in other languages than Russian / Belarusian must give us English dialog list (subtitles) since we'll make our own voice-over translation into Russian language.


1st Place
+ 512 USD

2nd Place
+ 256 USD

3rd Place
+128 USD

4th Place
+ 64 USD

5th Place
+ 32 USD

Terms and conditions of the international film festival «TFF» in Minsk

1. The annual film festival TFF (hereinafter – «the festival») is held in Minsk. The festival’s aim is watching interesting movies, discussing them, giving and getting the prizes and having a nice autumn evening.

2. The organizer of the Festival is Ivan Masliukou (hereinafter - the Organizer). The Organizer is the one, who selects films for the Festival.

3. The Organizer will accept films from all over the world. Moreover:
3. 1 Movies in English / Russian / Belarusian are presented without subtitles.
3. 2 Movies in other languages must have either English / Russian / Belarusian subtitles.

4. All the movies chosen for the Festival must have about 120 minutes runtime total. That`s why the number of accepted movies is varied from year to year.

5. Only movies that meet the following conditions may be submitted for consideration:
5.0.1 Movies ≤ 20 min runtime, including credits.
5.0.2 Movies that have been finished not earlier than January 1st of the year of the preceding Festival (there may be exceptions, but the older movies have significantly less likely to be accepted);
5.1 In the priority are movies meeting the following conditions:
5.1.1 Movies have not been exhibited in the Internet
5.1.2 Movies have not been presented at any other Belarusian motion picture or theatrical event
5.1.3 Movies with a clear plot
5.1.4 Movies with a clear genre
5.1.5 Movies with good enough quality sound, with clear actors` speech
5.1.6 Low-budget movies released by amateurs
5.1.7 Movies with interesting actors
5.1.8 Movies with characters you have an empathic response

6. Belarusian movies are submitted for consideration for free. Foreign movies are submitted for consideration with a charge through the platform. Movie is considered as Belarusian if both director and screenwriter are citizens of Belarus. If there are several directors and/or screenwriters, most of them have to be citizens of Belarus.
6.1 In order to apply for the festival for free as a Belarussian author, it’s necessary to attach the copy of 33d page of the passport (both – director and screenwriter, mentioned in the credits)

7. The number of movies presented by one and the same participant is unlimited.

8. Movies could not be submitted for the Festival if they meet propaganda of:
8. 1 extremism, violence, racial, sexual, religious or any other discrimination
8. 2 drugs, alcohol, smoking
8. 3 any political party
8. 4 any religion
8. 5 any commercial brand

9. Video format requirements: resolution not less than 1289x720 pixels, bitrate 5 mbps minimum (after first export from source footage), preferred codec H264, or implemented in MKV container if movies are subtitled.

10. It is for the Organizer to decide whether or not a film participates in the Festival.

11. If your film is selected for the Festival, you are contacted 2 September, 2016.

12. The program of the Festival is not published on the website. Spectators will be informed about the Festival’s program during the Festival itself.

13. The Festival`s duration is one day, according to the schedule:
Part I, from 4 PM till 6 PM - watching movies, discussing, voting;
Part II, from 6 PM till 7 PM – coffee-break, recording spectators` reviews
Part III, from 7 PM till 9 PM - watching movies, discussing, voting;
Part IV, from 9 PM - recording spectators` reviews
13.1 One month after the Festival the records of the spectators` reviews are published on the webpage and are publicly available.

14. Movies presented in a competitive program are judged by The Jury of at least five competent persons.

15.Each Jury member votes openly and independently. After a movie presentation each Jury member votes 0 to 100 points by open ballot. In this way a public rating is formed.

16. There are supposed to be five winners in this competition.

17 The prizes are formed of the Organizer`s private property. Paying income-taxes is the responsibility of the winner, according to the laws of the country where he/she is coming from.
17.1. In addition, each movie from TOP-5 receives a Medal of “AWARD WINNER” of TFF Festival.
17.2 If any international film is accepted for participation free of charge, and the film will reach TOP-5, the author of the film receives the "AWARD WINNER" order, but does not receive a prize, which is attached for TOP-5 place.

18. It`s for the Organizer to pay for the prizes international delivery. Belarusian citizens pick up theirs prizes from Minsk themselves.

19 All transportation and accommodation expenses are up to participants of the Festival. But each director gets ten extra tickets for the Festival for free.

20. The participants are guaranteed that their movies will be exhibited only during TFF festival.

20.1 The participants are guaranteed that their movies will not be given to anyone else, except getting distribution certificate for participation in the Festival.

20.2 The Festival organizer reserves the right to use fragments of each movie accepted to participate (no more than 15 seconds) for TFF Festival trailer and upload it to Vimeo as public video.

21. The participant who applies for the Festival accepts these terms and conditions.

22 The Organizer`s address:
Melezha str, 1, 101b, Minsk, Belarus, 220000 (Беларусь, Минск, ул. Мележа 1, 101б)
tel: +375 29 2282222