Plus, each winner will also receive $1000 Cash!

Podcasts are kind of a big deal! 🙂 Over 100 million people in the USA listen to at least one Podcast a month and that rate is increasing by 20 million year-on-year.

Many writers, including our Judges, have forged writing careers for themselves through Podcasts. Hollywood is taking notice! A number of podcasts have been adapted for television, including Homecoming, Limetown, Lore, and Blackout.

We have some of the most successful podcast creators onboard to judge our finalists and decide our winners. These include:

* Zack Akers – Limetown (20million listens)
* Lauren Shippen - The Bright Sessions
* Yhane Smith - Harlem Queen
* Richard Seneque - Visionaries
* Terry Miles - The Black Tapes, Tanis, Rabbits (130million listens)
* Nick Van Der Kolk - Love and Radio
* Jonathan Mitchell - The Truth
* Jordan Morris – Bubble
* Kate Seabury - Head of Original Content Development at Audible

We accept screenplay and radio-play format.


Each winner will also receive $1000 Cash!

Our Podcast Contest offers more in funding and prize money than any other.

PLUS the opportunity for the winners to advertise their pilots free for 30 days on – the podcast app for podcast lovers.

The beauty of the Fiction Podcast format is that it allows you as a writer to be completely free to tell the story you want to tell, without having to factor in the budgetary constraints of filmmaking.

Shore Scripts will produce both episodes, making use of our industry connections to find talented cast and crew. We will look to attach a named actor to each episode to further help elevate the show and draw in an audience. Once both episodes are live, we will speak with commissioners in an attempt to green-light the series.

The writer will retain full IP over their work and have the final say on any potential deals which may arise.

* Your script read & considered by our Judges, Industry Roster & Directors.
* Free book of your choice from Michael Wiese Books sent to your address (worldwide).
* Each Finalist will receive a free 6-month membership to including 6 credits to use on your choice of 150,000+ audiobooks, regardless of price (US & Canada only).
* Free Enrollment into the Fast Track Your First Draft - 15 Minute Method Screenwriting Course.

This is a great opportunity to get your work commissioned and your voice heard in this ever-growing industry. You don’t even need to write an episode from scratch. Maybe you have a screenplay, novel, or play that could be adapted to fit this medium.

We accept screenplay and radio-play format. Please note that we only accept completed scripts. We do not accept synopses, treatments, or bibles.

* Shore Scripts only accepts electronic entries.

* Screenwriters from all countries are welcome to enter. All Podcast scripts must be written in English.

* All ages are welcome.

* Podcast scripts must be between 10-40 pages.

* Podcast scripts should be written in either screenplay, radio play, or stageplay format.

* Podcast scripts should be formatted at size 12 Courier.

* We only accept completed scripts. No synopsis’, treatments, or bibles.

* Please submit your script as a PDF.

* Previous entrants from other contests may apply. However, previous winning scripts are ineligible.

* The Podcast script must be the writer’s original work. Adaptations are allowed but the writer must own all copyright. Spec episodes of existing shows are not permitted.

* Podcast scripts must be fiction and work as a serialized, episodic show.

* All genres are welcome.

* Writing Teams are accepted.

* Each writer, or writing team, may not have earned more than $30,000 (£24,000 approx.) in screenwriting fees since 2018. This clause is in place to help us support emerging talent. Screenwriting contest monetary awards do not count toward this total.

* You may enter a newer draft of an already submitted script. There is a small additional fee as the script will be reread. You may re-enter your script through the Resubmission page.

* Multiple entries are accepted. Each entry must be for a different show.

* If your script is optioned, purchased, or produced during the competition, then it will no longer be eligible for the contest.

* If you become one of our winners, you consent to Shore Scripts producing your Podcast episode and being listed as one of the ‘Production Company’. The writer will have involvement during all stages of production and will always retain the ‘creator’ and ‘written by’ credits.

* The writer will retain full IP over their work.

* The two winners consent to Shore Scripts promoting the winning Podcast online, to the media, at live events, and any other capacity that will generate positive exposure.

* If Shore Scripts or a production company we introduce you to commissions the winning episode for a Podcast or Television series, Shore Scripts will be allocated one of the ‘Production Company’ credits. The winning writer(s) have the final say on all potential commissioning offers.

* If Shore Scripts helps a writer gain representation, option, sell, or have his/her screenplay produced, then we are entitled to state this on our website and on any other platform, whenever we see fit.

* Shore Scripts staff and associates are unable to enter the Podcast Contest.

* The decision of Shore Scripts is final. By applying to this contest each participant agrees to hold Shore Scripts, our judges and sponsors immune from any competition disputes, claims, liabilities, and expenses.

* By entering Shore Scripts, you authorize us to use any trusted third-party online, cloud-based and email services and databases for hosting, managing, and/or sending/transmitting your submission file(s).

* If we see fit, we can extend the final deadline for the competition. (Please note that this has never yet happened).

Check out our Rules and FAQ for all the info.