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"Great event and they showed some amazing films" Johnny Gonzales, student.

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"Thank you for the screening and the talk" Maria Bonn, student.

The Student World Awards has one objective : seek and spot the best student movie talents from everywhere, then screen their films and show how much raw talent today gets to compete with professional industry levels.

Jonathan Lago Lago, Director, BELGIUM
Nicolas Wendl, Director, USA
Auregan, Producer, FRANCE
Romy Trajman, Director, FRANCE
Jesse Angelo, Director, USA
Ninaad Kulkarni, Animator and Director, INDIA
Christian Janner, Actor and Editor, DENMARK
Jared Isham, Director of Photography, USA
Jaymie Dornan, Actor, CANADA

Most of the festivals have a student category to submit, lots of them have student special fees and waivers. But we think this is not enough.

This is why we created a festival dedicated to the student artists. Because it's a special time in your lives that you need to build on.

The film schools, the education the youngsters have, the society of images we live in today pushed a whole new generation to another level of creativity.

Young directors and student crews today are using different technologies than Peter Jackson or Steven Spielberg when they were kids, and maybe they are making different movies. But what students shoot today, most of the time is pretty astonishing. They break the ceiling of what the « student » expectations are.

To get that, you just need to attend some screenings, and to pay attention to certain festivals that screen a selection of student films or films made by students.

But the Student World Awards is 100% dedicated to students. Clear and simple.

*** Experience a worldwide competition, student creations from everywhere!
*** Low fees.
*** Nomination process and laurel.
*** Award give away in the City of Angels!
*** World Award Certificate for winners, finalists, semi-finalists and quarter-finalists
*** Winners will screen in Los Angeles!

The film you made by the end of your school curse. It may be the film you have been graduate with, of your final student work even if it was not for official graduation purpose.

This category welcomes all films falling into this animation creative process : 3D, 2D, stop-motion, drawing...
*** Listed on http://www.animation-festivals.com/festivals/student-world-awards/

A documentary you made during your student time or for your graduation, as a work school or not.

One of the most easy way to start filmmaking... But not that easy to break through. Show us your vision.

Whatever photo you believe is worthy of submitting to a festival. It's easy, it's cheap, you have everything to win !

Any langage.
If not english speaking, english subtitles are mandatory.
All categories : length limit is 30 (thirty) minutes.
Entries are non refundable.
You may submit to multiple categories.
Date of the event is subject to reasonable change.
You may submit a film you made as a student even if you are not a student anymore.
Films must be of 2016 or after.
Each entry must show a proof of student status: please upload a picture of your student card or equivalent in the Filmfreeway gallery of your project. A missing student proof may results in an "incomplete" status or eventually a disqualification.

We do not pay screening fees. Film Freeway is a third party platform you chose to use to submit for consideration to festivals.
We might set up screenings for free, or with a box 0ffice, at the discretion of the festival, and there will be no share of gross with participating filmmakers.
By submitting to the festival, you expressly authorize the festival and its affiliates to use every piece of content and information presented in your Film Freeway project page, in connection to the festival, the event, and for promotion of the festival, now and in the future. That includes all videos, pictures, texts (biography, logline and other) hosted on your Film Freeway project page submitted to us.

Overall Rating
  • Brian Power

    An amazing and worthwhile festival with timely notification and an incredibly lucrative lineup of winners.

    September 2022
  • Thank you Student World Awards for choosing to include “For Love of the Land” into your festival. I’m honored to have been selected as an award winner.

    December 2021
  • Harlow Schuman

    Thank you for recognizing Holding the Rope! It takes a team.

    April 2021
  • Johnny Gonzales

    Great intimate event and they showed some amazing films.

    May 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Johnny. Congrats for your win again !