In recognition of the power of women's voices in film, the Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival (POW Film Fest) places a spotlight on women and non-binary directors from around the world by showcasing their work and strengthening the community of women in film.

We feature the work of today’s top women directors, honoring the true pioneers while providing support and recognition for the next generation of leading women and non-binary filmmakers.


POW Film Fest is Portland's premiere film festival showcasing films directed by women and non-binary filmmakers. In it's 14th year, the festival features the work of some of today's top women directors, while honoring the true pioneers and recognizing the next generation of leading women filmmakers. We also offer film workshops for girls and non-binary youth ages 15 -19 with our POWGirls program.

The Festival has had the honor of hosting a variety of emerging filmmakers and accomplished Directors including Allison Anders, Irene Taylor-Brodsky, Kathryn Bigelow, Cheryl Dunye, Gillian Armstrong, Amy Heckerling, Penelope Spheeris, Ondi Timoner, Joanna Priestley, Catherine Hardwicke, and Barbara Kopple.

It is POW Film Fest’s goal to be inclusive of all women’s voices, regardless of race, class, age, religion, abilities, sexuality or gender presentation. We respect each individual’s right to gender self-identification.

POW Film Fest is produced in partnership with The Hollywood Theatre.


*Films and videos of any length or genre: narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, young filmmakers, music videos and web series are accepted by POW Film Fest.

*Submissions must be directed by a woman/non-binary person.

*POW Film Fest accepts pieces completed within the last three years. Works in progress must be close to completion.

*A separate entry form and fee is required with each submission.

*Films must be submitted via an online submission method.

*Non-English language films must be subtitled in English.


*POW Film Fest only accepts online submissions

*No checks accepted


I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree that to the best of my knowledge, all information in this document is true; I confirm that a woman has directed or co-directed the film submitted; I have all necessary legal authority and rights required to submit this film to The Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival; I have read and accept all of the entry guidelines and rules; I acknowledge that my entry materials may not be returned to me; I hold The Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival harmless from damage to or loss of the submission package en route to The Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival; If accepted, I grant The Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival the royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to exhibit my film or video and to use, reproduce, publish, translate and exhibit any and all publicity materials related to the film, including but not limited to stills, press releases, bios, trailers in whole or in part without limitation to territory, and/or to include said publicity materials with other works in any form, media, or technology, for the year of entry.

Overall Rating
  • Vivian Rivas

    POW is a wonderful festival. I was very honored to be part of it. I wish you many many more years of exciting new films and a growing community!!!

    April 2019
  • Susan Maughlin Wood

    POWFest is incredible. Expertly run, hyper-connected, fantastic theater venue, amazing workshops and panels... this festival has it all. Tara is tops. So grateful to have had this experience, and wishing I could have maximized the momentum of it all amid a very chaotic time. Highly recommended!

    June 2017
  • We cannot recommend POWFest enough, their communication was superb and they had a clean neat way of transferring them the info they needed. We had multiple clients accepted there this year, and the handling of each one was impeccable.

    A great festival shining a spotlight on female creatives, it's always one that we recommend to filmmakers! Keep on the great work :)

    March 2017