for participation in the #Warm up edition until July 25, 2021

Motus Imago - Showcase of Shapes, Puppets and Things in Motion, operates in the scope of programming artistic projects that operate in a vast interdisciplinary field, in the scope of multiformat manipulation, from puppet theatre to moving image. Through works that move between current and traditional techniques, dramaturgies and animated forms and animation cinema. It values the experimental nature of artistic works for adults and children and is presented with a set of educational actions that will take place from October 2021 in Aveiro.

The first edition #Warm up takes place mostly online between the 6th and 13th of November and includes presentations of artwork, masterclass, workshop and lots of informal conversation.


Creations which allow broadening the horizons between the theatrical object, the puppet, animated forms giving origin to a multiformat manipulation will be selected and invited to be presented in 3 categories:

1 - Short scenes from 3 to 15 minutes – videos created from shows or characters, puppets that can link animation cinema or video / image manipulation or motion graphics.

2 - Shows, performances and Interactive works in Live streaming which manipulate, puppets, motion, objects, animation cinema or video.

3 - Animation shorts up 44 minutes.

- Only professional creations will be considered for selection.

- Applicants for the Live streaming or Interactive category must have the necessary technical tools for the broadcast.

- Applicants must have full copyright and permission for a public screening of a film and any part of it (screenplay, acting, camera work, soundtrack, etc.).
Entrants who incorporate any images, writing, music or other creative material where rights (including intellectual property rights) belong to a third party must obtain the third party’s express permission.

- Submissions in other languages than portuguese or english must be subtitled in English.

- Multiple entries are allowed. You can submit more than one work to the same category or different category, using a different entry form.


The composition of the juri is made up of 3 members.

The juries reserve the right not to award a prize, and can only award the following prizes:

Best Animation short - selected by audience vote and the showcase juri.

The artists, companies selected or invited shall make available all the requested information and promotional materials within the scope of the communication / promotion of the event (synopses, artistic teams, photos, teasers etc.)

Selected artists agree to share all rights for the use of images, teasers and all information in the Motus Imago page in our website and social networks.

For all selected works a text file in English will be required for subtitling.

When possible, the artists, companies selected shall be available to participate in talks or interviews in the scope of the showcase.

Motus Imago reserves the right to record all the works presented in the scope of the showcase, for arquive purposes only.

A participation fee will be agreed between the selected artists / companies and the showcase.

The selection will be announced until august 25th.

Overall Rating
  • Phil Gomm

    I was just very happy to be a part of this festival: I loved the idea of a 'showcase of shapes, puppets and moving things': what a delightfully creative remit. Thanks again for featuring my work and for all the regular email correspondence and your attentiveness.

    November 2021
  • Moito Obrigado
    We loved being part of this event

    November 2021
  • Telio Espinoza

    Excellent festival, an honor to be part of. Thank you 🙏

    November 2021