Hope. It might be the most powerful word in the independent filmmaker's vocabulary. Everyone around you might be saying, "You can't do that. It's impossible!" But the intrepid indie filmmaker charges forward, declaring, "Yes, I can. Yes, I will!"

Low budget? No budget? Doesn't matter. You make make it happen. You find a way. You brave the storm. You conquer every obstacle. You make movie magic! And we want to see it.

As a small, independent film festival (run by independent filmmakers), we love the passion, the creativity, and yes, the hope that goes into making great art. Com'on! Show us what you've got!

Middle Tennessee
Chances are when you think about Tennessee, filmmaking is not the first thing that comes to your mind. After all, they don't call Nashville, "Music City," for nothing. But film & television production is a rapidly expanding business in the Volunteer State, and Middle Tennessee is at the epicenter of this bustling, vibrant industry, bursting with creative individuals who are cross-pollinating art forms to incorporate music, dance, theatre and film to create new genre-defying works of art.

The Fest
We don't try to pigeonhole you into a specific genre. The only stipulation is the film must tell a story of hope. Our goal is to build up and encourage our audiences, not tear down and discourage them.

Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Documentary
Best Short Documentary
Best Actor in a Feature
Best Actor in a Short
Best Actress in a Feature
Best Actress in a Short
Best Feature Music Score
Best Short Music Score

Play nice.
All films must be the original work of the filmmakers, the filmmakers must hold all applicable rights, including music rights, and the film must not infringe on anyone else's copyright or intellectual property.
Films must be in English, or have English subtitles.
Run time for features must be longer than 45 minutes.
Run time for shorts must be no longer than 45 minutes.
Preview screening format are digital screeners only. No DVDS.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
Submitting does not guarantee acceptance into the fest. Screenings, days and venues are at the discretion of the Fest.
While we don't wish to limit any filmmaker's artistic vision, the Mid Tenn Film Fest is designed as a family friendly event. Submissions should fall into the "PG-13" or milder category (no gore, no F-bombs).

Overall Rating
  • This was my first film festival for my work. It was a very refreshing and warming to be there!

    August 2018
  • Tim Morrison

    Great team running this festival. Wish I went out.

    July 2018
  • Super impressed with the open and attentive communication by staff of this festival. Well done, Mike and team of Mid Tenn Film Fest! Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your festival

    June 2018
  • Nice high-quality film variety with a great crowd and coordinators. They went beyond just showing films and also made it a learning and networking event. Very pleased!

    June 2018
  • Mid Tenn Film Fest is a classy festival from start to finish. Very profession communication, deadlines are all kept, and it's a great value for indie filmmakers. Thanks to everyone involved! Hope to see you next year!

    June 2018