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Copenhagen Underground presents: The Locked In Film Festival! The World's Undisputed #1 Quarantined Film Festival taking place on a screen near you!!

Copenhagen Underground is a non-profit collective which organizes the annual Copenhagen Underground Film Festival as well as year round donation based film screenings around Europe, whose funds go to support various humanitarian initiatives, political prisoners, refugees and grassroots organizations.

Due to the Coronavirus, CU has had to cancel quite a lot of events that were intended to support the Lumen Union, a direct initiative started by Copenhagen Underground which raises funds to purchase projectors, gaming consoles, speakers and laptops and deliver them to centers for refugees in different parts of the world in an effort to create safe cinematic spaces in dire conditions. With the inability to travel, to hold events with a large audience in one space, to create new events with an uncertain future due to the pandemic, all while still remaining adamant on delivering equipment to NGOs on the dates that we said we would, we have created this unorthodox film festival.

Since most people have been advised to stay home and are LOCKED IN (that's the thing, that's the title guys), we have ended up with time on our hands and wanted to use it meaningfully in the form of another donation based film festival with all of the funds going to support refugees. We are working to deliver a new Epson EB-X05 projector and a new Xbox One w/ FIFA 20 to Yoga & Sports For Refugees in Lesvos and to provide a blow up projector screen & fan for the Flying Seagull Project in Samos.

Depending on how long this pandemic goes on, we may very well do this again!

We will re-open up the doors to Lundtoftegade Beboerhuset and host the festival remotely from there using their large space as our broadcasting center, one that we have also used for film screenings with audiences of over 100 in the past. We plan on assembling a two hour program for individuals around the world in quarantine where we show an eccentric mix of short films, meaningful documentaries, crazy experimental films and hilariously awful bad films. We also plan on interviewing filmmakers via skype and have discussions with film fanatics and experts from the Copenhagen area about the films in competition, film festivals and films in general. The event is open to the public where we will also be simultaneously be showing the program on a big screen alongside the conversations, but the audience will only consist of individuals who are healthy and have recently been quarantined.

We also ask you to consider donating to the Lumen Union if you have the means, every single bit we get really goes a long way with the work this initiative is trying to do:
>>> paypal.me/cphunderground <<<

No prizes or cash as we are pretty fucked financially and do not make an income for anything we do. However unlike the other festival we organize, this will be competitive and we will have accolades which you can brag about:

Best Picture
The CU Crown: Best Film Made With Under 1,000 Euros
Best Short Fiction
Best Documentary
Best Experimental Film
Best Cinematography
Best Screenplay
Best Original Score
Best Actor
Best Actress
Worst Fucking Film

1 film per entrant, 10 mins or less for all categories except documentaries-- which can be 20 mins or less. English subtitles extremely preferred.

Please understand by submitting your film to our festival, that you also consent to having images and clips from your work to be used for promotional material. Please have already acquired the rights to any intellectual property used in your film.

Please also understand that this festival will be streamed online on a free/donation basis and will be able to be accessed from anywhere. Regardless of border closings

Overall Rating
  • Fernanda Besné

    In this time that everything is so complicated, im very gratefull with the festival to made a film festival in Quarantine.
    Thanks, one again cinema save us.

    August 2020
  • Vittorio Zunino Celotto

    I’m very happy my short doc ‘Pandemic Chronicles - Chapter One’ has been selected as finalist.
    Very good communication.

    May 2020
  • unfortunately I broke my teleporter in this covid9 period. I hope to be invited next year to be able to better review the festival. However, I can say that it was a pleasure to be selected by you!

    May 2020
  • josephine ehlert

    Wonderful people! And a. great program. Highly recommended!

    April 2020
  • A really great festival with fantastic communication and good vibes!!..Thanks for the selection and congratulations for all your work!!

    April 2020