The 27th edition of the Lama Film Festival will be taking place over the summer from August 1st to August 7th, 2020.
Lama is a small village located in Northern Corsica, France with a population under 150 during the winter months.
The Lama Film Festival has been held annually since its inception in 1994. It was created by a small team of movie enthusiasts with the initial objectives to bring both cinematographic culture to a rural area as well as to revitalize a village which was in a poor economic and demographic situation at that time.
Step by step, the festival has become one of the main events of the cultural summer in Corsica, welcoming over 7000 spectators in the week. He has got the support of the institutional agencies and the confidence of the movie industry which allows us to project prestigious previews.
During the whole year a special attention is paid to image education, with a view to developing the critical skills of young people, and offering school children the opportunity to shoot short films under the direction of our coordinator.

The screenings take place in three outdoor sites across the village every night, under the stars, at 9:15 pm based on the film category:
- « La Piscine» for features previews and short films
- « L’Umbria » for art movies and short films
- « U Mercatu » for 6-12-year-old children movies,
and during the day for documentaries in a screening room (“Casa di Lama”)

In additional to these screenings, we are also holding a short films competition involving both mediterranean islands and corsican films, the prize being awarded by a media professionals jury. Moreover the audience awards a prize for the best art film. Several workshops are organized around various topics such as scenario, technical skills, film songs, for adults and young people. A workshop also gives the opportunity to 9-12 year old children to train under the direction of a movie director to produce a short film in the village. This short film is broadcasted the last evening of the Festival, as well as the winner of short films contest.
During the 26th edition, which took place from july 27th to august 2nd, 60 films were projected on the different sites, including 14 short-films on the Piscine and Umbria (7 in competition and 7 out of competition) and 11 in the childrens’s program on the Mercatu.

Every morning, at 11 am, we hold a round table about a film screened the evening before with directors, actors, producers facing the audience and answering the questions in the village square under a century old plane tree, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Award for movies and prizes (1500 € location with Transpalux) for shorts films produced and / or made in a Mediterranean island

Conditions of participation in the Lama Film Festival, 2020 edition:
The competition is ONLY open to:
- short films produced and / or made in a Mediterranean island, films on the initiative of a screenwriter or director / director of the Mediterranean islands, films that cover one or more themes relating to insularity in the Mediterranean.
- Refers to the Mediterranean island geo-cultural area and all the islands of the Mediterranean Sea: Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta and the Balearic Islands. These films must be subtitled in French, have been completed in 2019 or 2020 and their duration must not exceed 30 minutes. We accept all genres (fiction, animation, experimental) with the exception of institutional and advertising films. We accept self-produced films and working copies (provided that the film is delivered to the festival in its final version before the deadline for sending copies).
- Deadline for registration at the 27th Lama Festival: May 15, 2020 * subject to possible modifications.