The Alamos International Film Festival (FICAM) started in 2011 with the intention of sharing films and documentaries created in the border regions of Northern Mexico and the U.S. Alamos is the birthplace of María Felix, the diva of Mexican cinema, and a colorful part of FICAM is the classic Mexican films projected nightly during the festival. Other highlights include bicycle powered cinema for all ages in the plaza, educational workshops, special guests, galas, awards ceremonies, and art exhibitions.
FICAM strives to create cultural bridges between Sonora and the U.S. border states and gives special attention to regional films giving voice to the natural world, indigenous communities, and the rich history of Alamos and the borderlands.

FICAM offers plaques and/or original artwork prizes for each category.

FICAM is open to the following genres: Feature and Short Narrative, Feature and Short Documentary, Animation and Student Narrative, Documentary Films and regional Sonoran Films; and offers plaques and original artwork prizes for each category. There is No limit to the number of entries.

* Please submit entries by online screeners to be considered for selection. Some exceptions will be made for DVDs.

* Submissions may not be returned unless you submit a pre-stamped/pre-addressed return envelope with your submission.

* If applicable please share a Press Kits and other Promotional Material.

* Submission dates are between November 25th, 2016 through February 14, 2016.

* Formats for Exhibition: Exhibition Quality downloadable files, DVD, Blu-Ray.

* Spanish films must have English subtitles throughout and English Films must have Spanish subtitles throughout.

* The date, location and time of screenings of films are at the discretion of FICAM.

* Film selection announcements will be made around March 1st each season.