The Hoosierdance International Film Festival takes place in Kokomo, Indiana in September. We accept feature narratives, feature documentaries, short narratives, and short documentaries. There will also be a high school film competition. Our screening and panel locations are at a variety of locations. Our screening rooms can hold between 60-100 people.

There are plenty of locations in downtown Kokomo to mingle with other filmmakers and audience members. Some of our screening venues double as restaurants and bars to ensure that you don't have to travel far to have a good meal or tasty beverage. Our VIP lounge is a craft cocktail and craft beer lounge called The Coterie.

Awards will be given out in seven categories: Narrative Feature, Narrative Short, Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, and Student Competition (only for High School and College students within Indiana).

Prizes will be announced at a later date.

Submission Rules & Regulations

About the Festival

The Hoosierdance International Film Festival offers professional filmmakers and student filmmakers from around the world a venue to showcase their passion. The 4th Annual Hoosierdance International Film Festival will take place in Kokomo, Indiana, USA September 13-15, 2018. Filmmakers will be on-hand to interact with audiences and festival attendees.


The Hoosierdance International Film Festival selects and honors films in five categories:

• Narrative Feature
• Dramatic or comedic narratives; animated or live-action
• 45 minutes or longer
• Anything but a documentary qualifies for this category

• Documentary Feature
• Nonfiction films; animated or live-action
• 45 minutes or longer

• Narrative Short
• Dramatic or comedic narratives; animated or live-action
• Under 45 minutes in length
• Anything but a documentary qualifies for this category

• Documentary Short
• Nonfiction films; animated or live-action
• Under 45 minutes in length

• Student Competition
• Short films under 10 minutes
• Narrative or documentary; animated or live-action
• The director must have been in high school or college in Indiana when the film
was finished.

Selection Criteria

Submitted films go through a screening process where at least three members of the selection committee will view them entirely before they are selected. Selected films are then viewed by members of the awards juries.

Submitted films must be entertaining and engaging but will also be judged on their overall artistic and technical quality.

Festival Award Winners/Official Selections

Films are selected as Festival Award winners or Official Selections. Festival Award winners are eligible for the grand prize for their individual category. Official Selections are films that were selected from submissions but were not chosen as a Festival Award winner.

All submitted films that meet the eligibility requirements are considered “in competition” for the Hoosierdance International Film Festival Awards at the time of submission. .

Other films may be invited to screen at the Festival as a “Special Presentation.”


Filmmakers (producer or director) for films selected for the Film Festival will be notified by email on or about May 31st, 2018. Film for Thought, Inc. reserves the right to release basic information about selected films as early as April.


Submitted films are eligible to be selected as a Festival Award winner.

One filmmaker (director or producer) from the selected films must be present to receive the award. A completed tax form W-9 (W-8 BEN for non-U.S. residents) is required for any filmmaker collecting a cash prize.

*Per U.S. tax code and tax treaties, Hooserdance Film Festival will withhold U.S. taxes from monetary prizes when applicable, totaling as much as 30 percent of the cash award, regardless of recipients’ citizenship. Taxes withheld will be deposited with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Filmmakers will be responsible for filing with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service if they are eligible to retrieve those funds.


To be eligible for the Hoosierdance International Film Festival, films must fulfill the following criteria:

• The film must have been completed on or before April 1st, 2018 and after April 1st, 2016.
• There must not be a screening fee attached to the film. Hoosierdance will not pay a screening fee to any film featured in the Festival; there are no exceptions.
• Hoosierdance requires a digital copy for every film. The file must be NTSC Region-1 (Not PAL) and 1080p. The file must be delivered on a Blu-ray or DVD.
• Films that have had a theatrical release, a television broadcast, or a release through an on-demand outlet such as Netflix, Amazon On-Demand or any other outlets that are available in Indiana prior to the Festival dates are not eligible for Festival Awards, but may be considered for “Special Presentation” screenings.
• The film cannot require dual projection (interlock) or separate soundtracks.
• Non-English films must be subtitled.

Rules for Submission

In addition to the eligibility requirements listed above, filmmakers must comply with the following submission rules to be considered for a Festival Award:

• The submitting filmmaker must be either the producer or director of the film.
• Payment of the non-refundable entry must accompany the submission.
• Payment can be made by check or money order payable in U.S. dollars to Film for Thought, Inc. The filmmaker will be responsible for bank fees associated with any check returned to Film for Thought by the bank as unpaid.
• All items on the materials checklist (below) must be provided by the entry deadline.
• All films must be submitted on DVD or Blu-ray. Hoosierdance does not accept prints or arrange screenings as a form of submission.
• Multiple submissions must be provided as individual submissions. A compilation DVD/Blu-Ray is not acceptable.
Film for Thought is not responsible for damaged DVDs or Blu-rays during shipping. Please check all DVDs and Blu-rays before shipping to ensure that they work on an average American DVD or Blu-ray player.

Materials Checklist
All entries must submit the following information to be considered for the festival:

• Film on a DVD or Blu-ray labeled with title, filmmaker name, filmmaker email address, contact number, and run time OR Digital Copy
• Each film submission should send at least two (2) copies
• Entry Fee
• Signed copy of this form

What if My Film is Accepted to Screen at Hoosierdance?

All selected films must provide all of the following items by Monday, April 26th, 2017 for promotion of the film in Hoosierdance’s print materials, website and media kit:

• A trailer of the film (a short clip is acceptable for selected Short Film). It must be NTSC Region-1 and 1080p
• Two (2) DVD/Blu-ray copies of the film for Film for Thought’s library to be used for promotion of the Festival and historical archive purposes. The DVDs/Blu-rays used in submission are acceptable
• One (1) head shot of each filmmaker or cast member who may be attending the Festival – 300 dpi and 4 in (w) x 6 in (h) or 1200 pixels (w) x 1800 pixels (h)
• Biography of 50 words or less for each filmmaker, principal cast member or featured individual expected to attend
• Twitter handles, Facebook/website URL for director/crew and film for social media promotion
• Synopsis of the film of 100 words or less
Hoosierdance will provide the following for every visiting filmmaker (director/producer only):
• VIP badge that allows access to all screenings, panels, and the VIP lounge

Festival Terms and Conditions

I, the undersigned, as submitting filmmaker (producer or director) of the film, acknowledge and agree that I have read, understood, and complied with the Hoosierdance International Film Festival submission rules. If my film is selected to receive a Festival Award from Hoosierdance International Film Festival, I WILL BE PRESENT at the Festival from September 13, 2018 through September 15, 2018 in Kokomo, Indiana. I must be in attendance to receive an award if the film wins. If I am unable to attend, another filmmaker (producer or director) representing the film will accept the award in my place. Additionally, should I be awarded, I will acknowledge Hoosierdance International Film Festival in the film’s future advertising and promotional materials. I hold Hoosierdance International Film Festival harmless from any damage to the print en route or otherwise during the Festival’s possession of the film.

I hold that any claims I have made about the premiere status of my film are accurate at the time
of submission. I hearby acknowledge that I will notify Hoosierdance International Film Festival of any changes in the film’s premiere status as soon as they occur.

Film for Thought, Inc. reserves the right to withdraw any film from screening consideration at any point in the process. Film for Thought, Inc. reserves the right to use any film submitted for promotional use of the festival and future events. I hereby warrant that I am authorized to commit the film for screening, and understand and accept these requirements and regulations, and if accepted for the Hoosierdance International Film Festival, agree that no screening fee will be demanded. I hereby warrant that I have all the necessary rights to exhibit all elements of my submission, including music rights.

I shall indemnify and hold harmless Hoosierdance International Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

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Filmmaker Signature Date

Overall Rating
  • Mailuki Films

    One of the most beautiful surprises in the Circuit this year.
    Definitely, we will repeat next year with new films!!!

    June 2017