Get Free Film Fest is Los Angeles' premiere libertarian film festival. We welcome submissions from libertarians, anarchists, agorists, block chain enthusiasts, technological innovators and anti-government activists of all varieties. As people around the world reject authoritarianism and begin to embrace personal liberty, we strive to be at the front of the movement, showcasing the shift towards freedom in a stylish and fun way.

Our film festival will take place in late June 2019 at a theater in Los Angeles, CA with panel discussions and other engaging activities. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and this festival is no exception to the rule.

We're adding award categories as we receive more films. Current categories include:

Best Feature Length
Best Short
Best Candidate Documentary
Best Film

Each category winner receives an award plaque and cash prize in excess of $100. As more sponsor donations are received, prize amounts will be updated.

All films submitted must have a libertarian or anti-authority theme. We welcome films submitted on a variety of topics, from a variety of economic schools of thought. Libertarian, anarchist, agorist,and communitarian slants are welcome. If you're not sure if your film qualifies, please contact us (it probably does).

Films can vary in length from two minutes to two hours.

We understand film makers want to submit their films to as many festivals as possible and we encourage you to do so. You may submit your film to us even if it aired at another festival.

Overall Rating
  • Thomas Francine

    My film was supposedly selected and screened at this "festival." However, the date, time, and location of the fest was never made public nor communicated to our team. And I do not see any solid proof that this fest even occurred. The website and social media still say only "Our film festival is scheduled for June 2019. Live screenings and an awards ceremony will take place at a theater in Los Angeles, California. As the event draws nearer, location details and day-of activities will be announced."

    I emailed the organizer Angela on June 9, after Film Freeway emailed me that my status had changed to "selected," asking about when and where the festival would be. She never responded and I assumed it had been postponed. I emailed her again July 14 to check in, and this time she responded that the festival already occurred on June 30.

    Instead of apologizing for total lack of communication, Angela simply emails that she will have a laurel made for me if I need one. And, "I guess I assumed everyone knew it was taking place because we were selling tickets online and talking about it on social media... Everyone else found it without any trouble." However, there is not a single place online that says the date, time, location, nor film festival schedule... go ahead and check for yourself. (And even if this was all online, it would be silly to assume I follow all the festivals I apply to on social media. I try to avoid social media in general.)

    The fact that the organizer doesn't seem to think there is anything wrong about how this went down - and that there is no need to communicate to filmmakers that their movies will be screened - makes me think similar missteps will happen next year, if the fest continues.

    When I *pay* a fest to review my film, and then they (supposedly) screen it and bring in *further* money - with my art - they should at least take 2 seconds to let me know - and to thank me for helping create their fest!

    July 2019