FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival is a unique celebration of film and gathering of emergents filmmakers. FEST is an annual film festival that occurs in Espinho, Portugal.
The next edition will take place between the 19th and the 26th of June 2017, in Espinho (Portugal).

The event is focused on creating a space for up-and-coming filmmakers, to show and promote their work, develop their skills, offer new opportunities, and develop new audiences for independent cinema.

The festival is divided into several categories, competitive and non-competitive, with 2 main award categories: Short films by filmmakers up to the age of 30 (Silver Lynx competition); and Features from directors who are on their first or second production, regardless of their age (Golden Lynx competition).

The festival also hosts several non-competitive sections, such as NEXXT (Academic productions), Flavours of the World (spotlights on particular countries), Be Kind Rewind (thematic screenings) and FEST Sound (films related to music).

Throughout the years FEST has brought to Portugal films such as "Birth" by Jonathan Glazer, Jean-Marc Vallée´s "C.R.A.Z.Y", Dome Karukowski´s "Home of the dark butterflies", "Easier with practise" by Kyle Patrick Alvarez, "Klass" by Ilmar Raag, Andrew Dosunmu´s "Mother of george" or "Winters bone" by Debra Granik, only to name a few.

The educational section of the festival, FEST – Training Ground, is another unique aspect of the event. It consists on a series of workshops and masterclasses presented by some of the film industry`s biggest names in several technical, artistic and theoretical fields.
FEST – Training Ground covers a large amount of subjects related to filmmaking, making it one of the largest and most complete film forums in existence, attracting more than 400 filmmakers from around the world per year.

The festival has an unquestionable thirst for new visions and perspectives on Film, taking also the next step for these upcoming filmmakers to continue their work in the festival which offers not only a very high quality program, where they can screen their film, a training program to enhance the knowledge, bad also new opportunities can be found here on the FEST – Pitching Forum, where the best projects will be selected to be presented to a group of financiers, developers and producers, with a development award for the best project, and many opportunities for the other projects presented.
In the FEST – Industry Meetings it is possible for the audience, to have more structured meetings with the some professionals from the film business. It will be possible schedule a meeting with producers, financiers, project developers, to have a one-on-one advice, and feedback on project development in Film, receiving important knowledge on how to further develop their projects or careers.

Awards & Prizes

a) Golden Lynx (Feature Length Fiction)
b) White Lynx (Feature Length Documentary)
c) Silver Lynx (Short and Medium Length Fiction)
d) Lynx DOC (Short and Medium Length Documentary)
e) Lynx EXP (Short and Medium Length Experimental)
f) Lynx ANIM (Short and Medium Length Animation)
g) Iberian Lynx (Prize for best Portuguese film in competition)
h) Critic award for Best Film
i) Audience award for Best Feature Film
j) Audience award for Best Short/Medium Length Film
k) Audience Youth Award Festinha 1, 2, 3 and 4

Rules & Terms



1.1. FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival is organized by FEST - Associação Cultural;

1.2. The 13th edition of FEST will take place in the city of Espinho, Portugal, between the 19th and the 26th of June 2017 with the following objectives:

1.2.1. Promote sustainable development of film, screening and promoting
new talents in this area;

1.2.2. Create new public for cinema;

1.2.3. Promote the interchange of experiences between the participants in
the event;

1.2.4. Elevate the skills of the participants;

1.2.5. Promote the city of Espinho as a quality cultural tourism destination;
Offer a quality cultural event accessible to every individual.


2.1. FEST has a short/medium film and feature film competition:

2.1.1. The short and medium film competition accepts short and medium length
films made by directors with no more than 30 years of age (including) on the last day of production, no matter their nationality. The length of these films must not exceed 54 minutes.

2.1.2. The feature length film competition accepts films that are first or second
productions (regardless of the director’s age);

2.2. The films must have been concluded after the 1st of January 2016 and they cannot have been screened in previous editions of FEST — New Directors/New Films Festival.

2.3. Films submitted for selection are accepted in the following formats: DVD, Blu- ray, hard drive, via any secure internet service that does not require immediate file download or limited streaming (Vimeo, Youtube, Dropbox, Google drive, etc).

2.4. It is permitted for the applicant to submit more than one film (in separate entries);

2.5. Competition categories:

2.5.1. Feature Length Films (feature films that are first or second productions,
regardless the director's age, and of a duration over 55 minutes):

Golden Lynx for Best Fiction Feature Film
Golden Lynx for Best Documentary Feature Film

2.5.2. Short and Medium Length Films (section dedicated to filmmakers up to 30 years old):

Silver Lynx for Best Short Fiction Film
Silver Lynx for Best short Documentary Film
Silver Lynx for Best Short Experimental Film
Silver Lynx for Best Short Animation Film

2.5.3. Prize for best Portuguese film in competition (selected from all Portuguese films eligible for competition):

Grand Prize for Best Portuguese Short Film

2.5.4. Academic Award (defined by the jury of the NEXXT section)


2.6. The applicant will indicate on the entry form the category of their film;

2.7. The applicant cannot submit the same film in more than one category. The Grand Prize is awarded from the total of Portuguese films in competition, therefore it is not mandatory to select this category.

2.8. Films not spoken in English must have hardcoded subtitles in English.


3.1. Film Submissions at FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival are dependent on a submission fee of 4€ for short and medium length films and 8€ for feature length films. Fees will be waived for all Portuguese entries, as an effort to promote national participation.

3.1.1. Payment of the submission fee will be available through PayPal on the
festival’s website.

3.2. The entry form is available on the website www.fest.pt.

3.2.1. Film submission must be entirely made online through our Online Entry Form. In this case, the film will be sent via a link submitted via the form. Your Submission Fee’s Transaction ID number will be requested upon filling of the Online Form.

3.2.2. Another option is to submit your film through traditional post;

3.2.3 The entry form must be completed accurately and totally filled out. If the form is not completely filled the organization reserves the right to declare the submission ineligible.

3.2.4. In case you’re submitting your film through postal mail, the entry form must be completed online.

3.3. The entry form and all materials must be sent to:


3.4. Film submissions close on February 28th 2017, date of arrival at our headquarters; All submissions submitted after that date will be disqualified.

3.5. Once a film is submitted to FEST, it cannot, for any reason, be removed from the program by the person or institution who submitted it;

3.6. All films and materials sent to FEST — New Directors | New Films Festival will not be returned and will remain in the festival’s archive;

3.7. By filling in the form and sending the application and film provides full legal authorization for FEST — Associação Cultural to present the film in the festival and in public presentations;


4.1. Expenses for the shipping and screening of films, are to be met by the film’s applicants;

4.2. All applications sent with remitted expenses to be paid at the destiny by FEST will be returned;

4.3. FEST will inform the applicants that have been selected for the competitive section by e-mail;


5.1. The festival accepts the following formats for exhibition: DCP, Blu-Ray, digital file .MP4 or .MOV, 1080p or 720p. The file has to be smaller than 2Gb (short/medium films) or smaller than 8GB (feature films). If the original language is not english, the file must be sent with English subtitles hardcoded.


6.1. The exhibition’s copies must be sent until May 31st of 2016.

6.2. It must be sent, at least, 3 stills in .PNG, resolution 1920x1080px;

6.4. Biography of the director;

6.5. Trailer or an excerpt of the film until 2 minutes for promotional purposes.

6.6. All these materials and others that the film’s representative find relevant must be sent until the May 15th of 2016.

6.7 The final selection will be shared on our official website (www.fest.pt); FEST – Associação Cultural DOES NOT guarantee that every single submission contact will be informed individually about the selection or non-selection of any film.

6.8 FEST – Associação Cultural is not obliged to provide reasons for the non-selection of a submission.

6.9 Each selected film will have one free badge which gives free access to screenings and training activities of FEST – Training Ground.

6.9.1 Fest – Associação Cultural is not obliged to cover screening fees, as such applicant recognize this situation at the time of submission.


7.1. There will be a pre-selection jury, selected by FEST – New Directors | New Films
Festival, to select the films for the competitive section;

7.1.1. Besides the jury’s selection criteria, the final selection will be conditioned by the time specified by the organization for the competitive sessions.

7.2. The final jury at the festival will be composed of 3 to 7 members, who will
evaluate the selected films in the competitive section.

7.2.1. The final jury will make their winning selections without appeal from the
outside and according to rules based on general principles determined by FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival. The final jury has the right to not dispense any one of the prizes if the criteria, in their belief, are not met.

7.3. The final jury has at its disposition the following prizes:

7.3.1. Golden Lynx for Best Fiction Feature Film

7.3.2. Golden Lynx for Best Documentary Feature Film

7.3.3. Silver Lynx for Best Fiction Short Film

7.3.4. Silver Lynx for Best Documentary Short Film

7.3.5. Silver Lynx for Best Experimental Short Film

7.3.6. Silver Lynx for Best Animation Short Film

7.3.7. Grand Prize for Best Portuguese Film

7.3.8 NEXXT Award

7.4. The jury may award honourable mentions to any of these categories;

7.5. There is also an Audience award for the following categories:

7.5.1. Best Feature Film

7.5.2. Best Short or Medium Film

7.5.3 Youth Award (defined by the audience of FESTINHA section, according to the age divisions pre-defined in the structure of this section)

Award Festinha 1
Award Festinha 2
Award Festinha 3
Award Festinha 4

7.6. The Festival’s media visitors may also present a Critic Award;

7.7. The prizes are consisting of a special trophy which will be sent via post after the end of the 2017 edition, within a period of 6 months.


8.1. All eventual doubts or omissions in the regulation will be solved by FEST — New
Directors | New Films Festival following rules of equity and good judgement.

8.2. All submissions to FEST — New Directors | New Films Festival translate full acceptance and no reservations in the terms of the regulation.