FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival is a unique celebration of film and gathering of emergents filmmakers. FEST is an annual film festival that occurs in Espinho, Portugal.
The next edition will take place between the 18th and the 25th of June 2018, in Espinho (Portugal).

The event is focused on creating a space for up-and-coming filmmakers, to show and promote their work, develop their skills, offer new opportunities, and develop new audiences for independent cinema.

The festival is divided into several categories, competitive and non-competitive, with 2 main award categories: Short films by filmmakers up to the age of 30 (Silver Lynx competition); and Features from directors who are on their first or second production, regardless of their age (Golden Lynx competition).

The festival also hosts several non-competitive sections, such as NEXXT (Academic productions), Flavours of the World (spotlights on particular countries), Be Kind Rewind (thematic screenings) and FEST Sound (films related to music).

Throughout the years FEST has brought to Portugal films such as "Birth" by Jonathan Glazer, Jean-Marc Vallée´s "C.R.A.Z.Y", Dome Karukowski´s "Home of the dark butterflies", "Easier with practise" by Kyle Patrick Alvarez, "Klass" by Ilmar Raag, Andrew Dosunmu´s "Mother of George" or "Winters bone" by Debra Granik, only to name a few.

The educational section of the festival, FEST – Training Ground, is another unique aspect of the event. It consists on a series of workshops and masterclasses presented by some of the film industry`s biggest names in several technical, artistic and theoretical fields.
FEST – Training Ground covers a large amount of subjects related to filmmaking, making it one of the largest and most complete film forums in existence, attracting more than 400 filmmakers from around the world per year.

The festival has an unquestionable thirst for new visions and perspectives on Film, taking also the next step for these upcoming filmmakers to continue their work in the festival which offers not only a very high quality program, where they can screen their film, a training program to enhance the knowledge, bad also new opportunities can be found here on the FEST – Pitching Forum, where the best projects will be selected to be presented to a group of financiers, developers, and producers, with a development award for the best project, and many opportunities for the other projects presented.
In the FEST – Industry Meetings it is possible for the audience, to have more structured meetings with some professionals from the film business. It will be possible schedule a meeting with producers, financiers, project developers, to have a one-on-one advice, and feedback on project development in Film, receiving important knowledge on how to further develop their projects or careers.

a) Golden Lynx (Feature Length Fiction)
b) White Lynx (Feature Length Documentary)
c) Silver Lynx (Short and Medium Length Fiction)
d) Lynx DOC (Short and Medium Length Documentary)
e) Lynx EXP (Short and Medium Length Experimental)
f) Lynx ANIM (Short and Medium Length Animation)
g) Iberian Lynx (Prize for best Portuguese film in competition)
h) Critic award for Best Film
i) Audience award for Best Feature Film
j) Audience award for Best Short/Medium Length Film
k) Audience Youth Award Festinha 1, 2, 3 and 4

Rules and Regulations
FEST 2018


1.1. FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival is organized by FEST - Associação Cultural (FEST – AC or simply FEST).

1.2. The 14th edition of FEST will take place in the city of Espinho, Portugal, between the 18th and the 25th of June 2018 with the following objectives:

1.2.1. Promote sustainable development of film, screenings and promoting new talents in this area;
1.2.2. Disseminate new innovative work and film discourses from around the globe, providing a privileged window into the world of New Cinema;
1.2.3. Create new audience for cinema;
1.2.4. Promote the interchange of experiences between participants in the event
1.2.5. Elevate the skills of participants;
1.2.6. Promote the city of Espinho as a quality cultural tourism destination;
1.2.7. Offer a quality cultural event accessible to every individual.


2.1. FEST has a short/medium film and feature film competition:

2.1.1. The short and medium film competition accepts short and medium length films made by directors with no more than 30 years of age (including) on the last day of production, no matter their nationality. The length of these films must not exceed 54 minutes;
2.1.2. The feature length film competition accepts films that are first or second productions (regardless of the director’s age);
2.1.3. Submissions which do not fit these requirements will be considered invalid automatically, and FEST reserves the right to not let the applicant know that his or her application has been disqualified.
2.1.4. The films must have been concluded after the 27th of February 2017 and they must not have been screened in previous editions of FEST — New Directors/New Films Festival.
2.1.5. Film submissions will not be discriminated in terms of theme, genre, race, creed or any other limitations, which is not specified in the points 2.1.1, 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 and 2.1.4. As such, all submissions will be analysed with the same rigor and dedication.

2.2. Films submitted for selection must be submitted using only one of the following options:

2.2.1. Using our own platform which can be found at www.fest.pt. The submission form must be completed in its entirety, and a link to any secure internet service that does not require immediate file download or limited streaming must be added in the appropriate section (Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, Google drive, etc.). It is not mandatory for the link to also be made available for download, but we would welcome if you choose to make that option available within the streaming service.
2.2.2. Using our own page at https://filmfreeway.com/festival/FestNewDirectorsNewFilmsFestival, where the largest possible amount of information about the production should be made available. If you choose to not use the FilmFreeway streaming service, we would be thankful if the submitters would leave the download option activated, but this is not mandatory.
2.2.3. Using our page at FilmFreeway, where the largest possible amount of information about the production should be made available.
2.2.4. If the submitter has any problem completing the application or making the online screener available via streaming or completing the payment of the submission fee he or she must get in direct contact with the organization via the following address, between the 1st of September 2017 and the 4th of March 2018: films@fest.pt . The email MUST contain the title of the film and the name of the director in the title.
2.2.5. Submissions eligible for the Academic Award (NEXXT competition) will be completed using a different method and submission form, made available via email, as this competition is directly related to our many partner schools from around the world. If you are a representative of an audio-visual school that does not yet have a partnership with FEST – AC, please get in touch with us in the following address to learn more about this alternative: partnerships@fest.pt
2.2.6. Applicants must send, via email (at films@fest.pt and the email MUST contain the title of the film and the name of the director in the title) the following additional material: a) two images of the film (in .PNG, resolution 1920x1080px;); b) one image of the director (3 stills in .PNG, resolution 1920x1080px)

2.3. It is permitted for the applicant to submit more than one film (in separate entries);

2.4. Competition categories:

2.4.1. Feature Length Films (feature films that are first or second productions, regardless the director's age, and of a duration over 55 minutes), which will be eligible for the following awards:

Golden Lynx for Best Fiction Feature Film
Golden Lynx for Best Documentary Feature Film

2.4.2. Short and Medium Length Films (section dedicated to filmmakers up to 30 years old), , which will be eligible for the following awards:

Silver Lynx for Best Short Fiction Film
Silver Lynx for Best short Documentary Film
Silver Lynx for Best Short Experimental Film
Silver Lynx for Best Short Animation Film

2.4.3. Competition for best Portuguese short film in competition (selected from all Portuguese films eligible for competition), which will be eligible for the following awards:

Portuguese Grand Prix for best Portuguese

2.4.4. Academic competition (defined by the jury of the NEXXT section), which will be eligible for the following awards


2.4.5. 2.4.5 Youth Competition, films for children and early teens of different ages

Festinha 1
Festinha 2
Festinha 3
Festinha 4

2.5. The applicant will indicate on the entry form the category of their film. Only one of the following options must be chosen: a) Fiction; b) Documentary; c) Animation; d) Experimental.
2.5.1. FEST reserves the right to consider a submitted film in another category not chosen by the applicant. In such occasions, Fest will get in touch to the applicant to procure consent.

2.6. The applicant cannot submit the same film in more than one category.

2.7. Films not spoken in English must have hardcoded subtitles in English.

2.8. Film Submissions at FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival are dependent on a submission fee of 4€ for short and medium length films and 8€ for feature length films.
2.8.1. Fees will be waived for all Portuguese entries, as an effort to promote national participation.
2.8.2. Iranian applicants, as well as any other applicants who are resident in countries which do not have access to PayPal, or that for political reasons there are significant obstacles that makes it impossible to complete the payment of the fee, the applicant must get in direct contact with us at films@fest.pt (the email MUST contain the title of the film and the name of the director in the title). This must occurs within the submission period, and it must include detailed reasons explaining why the payment is not complete. These situations will be dealt case by case and FEST – AC reserves the right to refuse an application if sufficient explanations are not provided.

2.8.3. Payment of the submission fee will be available through PayPal on the festival’s website.
2.8.4. Payment of the submission fee will be also made available via bank transfer in exceptional cases, which must first be discussed via email, through films@fest.pt (The email MUST contain the title of the film and the name of the director in the title). The transfer details will be defined on a case by case basis. The application and fee payment will only be considered valid when the official proof of payment document is sent via email to films@fest.pt.

2.9. Film submissions close on March 4th 2018 at 23:59 pm; all submissions completed after this date and time will be automatically disqualified.

2.10. Once a film is submitted to FEST, it cannot, for any reason, be removed from the program by the person or institution who submitted it;

2.11. All films and materials sent to FEST — New Directors | New Films Festival will not be returned and will remain in the festival’s archive, unless if there is a previous written agreement between the applicant and FEST stating the contrary;

2.12. FEST is not responsible for any spelling mistake or wrong information provided in the application. The titles and names of filmmakers used in all promotional materials will always refer to the ones provided in the application. Equally, title changes made by the filmmakers after the submission, may not be possible to alter, as such the applicant recognizes this at the moment of completing the submission.

2.13. By filling in the form and sending the application and film, the applicant provides full legal authorization for FEST — Associação Cultural to exhibit the film in the festival and in public presentations.


3.1. The selection of FEST is made by a secret group of programmers which should not be contacted directly by the applicants; as such any direct dialogue with programmers can be regarded as an unfair advantage and can be a strong enough reason for FEST to disqualify the submissions
3.1.1. All information, questions, queries or sending of additional material or updated news of the film or filmmakers recent career must be sent to at films@fest.pt (The email MUST contain the title of the film and the name of the director in the title). The organization will forward all sent information to the programing team.
3.1.2. Fest reserves the right to not share information about the chances of selection of a submitted during the period of analysis.

3.2. FEST will inform the applicants that have been selected for the competitive section by e-mail or phone, latest by the 21st of May;
3.2.1. The organization of FEST reserves the right to not contact non-selected submissions, yet the organization commits itself to do all the necessary efforts to contact every single submitter if possible. The final selection will be published on our website: www.fest.pt

3.2.2. Fest reserves the right to not use the contact options and selection news services within the partner platforms (FilmFreeway).

3.3. FEST – Associação Cultural is not obliged to provide reasons for the non-selection of a film.

3.4. FEST – Associação Cultural is not obliged to cover screening fees, as such applicants recognize this situation at the time of submission.


4.1. Expenses for the shipping and screening of films, are to be met by the film’s applicants; unless if there is a previous written agreement between the applicant and FEST stating the contrary;

4.2. All applications or copies sent with remitted expenses to be paid at the destiny by FEST will be returned and considered invalid;

4.3. The exhibitions copies must be sent until May 31st of 2017

4.4. The festival accepts the following formats for exhibition: DCP, Blu-Ray, digital file .MP4 or .MOV, 1080p or 720.
4.4.1. All exhibition copies must have no embedded subtitles. An additional srt. file with the correct time codes and clear English subtitles must be sent along with the final copy, whenever the film in question does not have dialogues in English.

4.5. FEST reserves the right to define the date of the screening and does not guarantee that the date can be altered at the convenience of the applicant. Fest also reserves the right, in case of extraordinary reasons, change the date and time of the screening at the last minute.
4.5.1. In case a film is awarded, it will be rescreened on the 24th of June, without additional costs or fees.

4.6. All selected filmmakers will be provided with two free accreditations that give full access to our event (Festival and Training Ground).

4.7. All selected filmmakers will be provided with up to 10 tickets for the official screening, which must be requested by the 9th of June.

4.8. FEST-AC cannot guarantee any support or reimbursement of travel, accommodation and food expenses by any member of the cast and crew of a selected film. The applicant recognizes this situation at the time of submitting the film.


5.1. FEST will create 6 separate jury groups which will have total freedom, without any interference nor suggestion by the organization, to choose the attribution of the awards. These 6 juries will be divided as follows: a) Fiction Feature Jury; b) Documentary Feature and Short Film Jury; c) Short Animation and Experimental Jury; d) Short Fiction Jury; e) Portuguese Grand Prix Jury; f) Nexxt/Academic Jury.
5.1.1. Each jury will be composed by 2 to 5 members
5.1.2. The awards of the FESTinha competition will be attributed by different youth groups pre-selected before the event; the decision will be made via a closed workshop format with the children and young teenagers.

5.1.3. The two audience awards (one for Feature films and another for Shorts) will be attributed by the audience using a ballot and audience size ratio system.
5.1.4. Only films exhibited in the Lynx competitions (Golden Lynx competition for Best Fiction and Documentary Feature, and Silver Lynx Competition for Best Fiction, Documentary, Animation and Experimental Short Film) are eligible for the Audience Awards.

5.2. The final jury will make their will attributes awards without appeal from the outside and according to rules based on general principles determined by FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival. The final jury has the right to not award any one of the prizes if the criteria, according their belief, are not met.
5.2.1. The jury may not choose to award more than one film in each category
5.2.2. The jury may distribute 2 Honourable Mentions per category

5.3. The final jury has at its disposition the following prizes:

Golden Lynx for Best Fiction Feature Film

Golden Lynx for Best Documentary Feature Film

Silver Lynx for Best Fiction Short Film

Silver Lynx for Best Documentary Short Film

Silver Lynx for Best Experimental Short Film

Silver Lynx for Best Animation Short Film

Grand Prize for Best Portuguese Film

NEXXT/Academic Award

5.4. Media representatives may decide to provide a critics award

5.5. The prizes consist on a special trophy which will be sent via post after the end of the 2018 edition, if no representative of the film is present at the closing ceremony, which will take place on the 24th of June in Espinho.
5.5.1. FEST guarantees that the delivery of the award via post will occur within a 6-month period after the closing of the event

5.5.2. Additional rewards are not guaranteed, and if confirmed will be made known via our website (www.fest.pt) together with a new set of rules specifically defined for that purpose

6.1. All eventual doubts or omissions in the regulation will be solved by FEST — New
Directors | New Films Festival following rules of equity and good judgement.

6.2. All submissions to FEST — New Directors | New Films Festival translate full acceptance and no reservations in the terms of the regulation.

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