Hyperreal Film Club is a non-profit in Austin, Texas for filmmakers and film fans. Since 2016, we have shown hundreds of films in venues all over town, each accompanied by a local short film, music video, or video art piece.

Currently, we are soliciting narrative and documentary short films, animated shorts, music videos, and narrative-leaning video art pieces 15 minutes or less in runtime for our 2024 winter/spring programming at Hotel Vegas and select other venues.

We're in search of the best short films Texas has to offer for that season.

Selected films and filmmakers will be featured in a dedicated social post and on all promotional materials for the event.

Filmmakers will be given three guest spots to the event.

At least one representative of the film will need to attend the event to introduce their film.

Accepted films will receive a laurel naming their film as an Official Selection of Hyperreal Film Club.

We prioritize films by Texas-based filmmakers. A representative of the film production must be able to attend the event in Austin, Texas.

Films must be less than 15 minutes in length.

We are accepting films for our weekly screening series at Hotel Vegas, which serves an audience of 60+, and our engagements at select other venues around Austin.

By submitting a short film for consideration, you acknowledge that your short may be played at any of the venues where Hyperreal Film Club is currently producing events. We aim to program short films and videos that complement our feature programming. This means your video may be accepted for one of our weekly spots or for a spot at a different venue, and placement is up to our discretion. We will reach out and coordinate with accepted filmmakers prior to booking to ensure your availability to attend the event in person.

Overall Rating
  • Matt Sherwood

    thoughtfully organized with a great audience that knows and loves film!

    November 2023
  • Tania Cattebeke

    Amazing venue, communication and I great experience for any filmmaker, specially if you're based in Austin!

    November 2023
  • Don Swaynos

    The Hyperreal Film Club is fantastic! They pair one short with each repertory feature screening so your short gets a level of attention and promotion it'll rarely get in a traditional festival setting. The programming of shorts and features is really creative- pairing films based on themes and tone that will play well against each other.

    Hyperreal has curated a dedicated, enthusiastic audience who love film are excited to take a chance on something different.

    November 2023
  • I had a wonderful time screening my short film with Hyperreal in Austin. The crowd was great and the quality of the questions during the QA was the best I've received with this short. Getting your short curated/paired with a feature film makes for a fun evening and gets folks to show up! Highly recommend the Hyperreal team, would submit again.

    October 2023
  • A marvelous festival. I recommend it to all aspiring filmmakers.

    March 2023