An established event for independent filmmakers to feel respected, valued, and shown sincere appreciation for their contribution to the art form of storytelling.

Yes, there will be awards.

Yes, there will be celebrities, parties, and networking events.

So, what is different about us?

Our festival will further contribute to the revitalization and current renaissance taking place in the City of Newburgh, NY by making it a premier annual event of the Northeast. A true "crossroads of the future". A place where you can be you. Where others have failed, we will work to uphold our mission ... to celebrate your valued contribution and bring it before the world.

Newburgh, NY, once the jewel of American cities, had fallen prey to urban renewal. Historically rich and set on the scenically beautiful Hudson River, our multicultural city is most certainly on the rise, and a renaissance has taken hold. A place where all are welcomed and all cultures are celebrated.

Easily accessible by land, river, train, and air, Newburgh, NY is located only 60 miles away from New York City. Only an hour's train ride on the scenic Metro-North and boasts Stewart International Airport just 4 miles away. So, one can enjoy all that the festival has planned to offer while discovering new adventures during ones stay here.

Hope to see you in October!

'The Edison' or 'The Eddie' is an award named after Thomas Alva Edison. This jury award is given to one filmmaker in each of the following categories for their outstanding work.

Best Narrative Feature
Best Narrative Short
Best Documentary
Best Documentary Short
Best Movie Made on Mobile

The Mickey Spillane Award 'The Mickey' (Best Screenplay)
The William S. Hart Award (Best Actor & Best Actress)
The Illumination Award (Best Promising Student Filmmaker)
The Grind House Award (Best Otherworldly Feature)
The Eddie(best mobile Feature)

ENE Luminary Award - lifetime achievement to an industry professional


• Please review the premiere requirements. Refunds will not be made for
filmmakers who submit films that are ineligible.
• All feature films of long and short format MUST HAVE BEEN COMPLETED IN 2019.
• Feature films that have had commercial theatrical, television or internet play in the USA are ineligible.
• Feature films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English for Festival consideration and presentation.
• Please observe the running time frames for your submission:
- Feature-length Dramatic Fiction and Documentary Films (> 50 minutes)
- Short films (< 30 minutes)
- Movies Made-on-Mobile (<5min)
- Student shorts (< 20 minutes)

• For submission purposes, films may be works-in-progress, but we recommend that it be as close to the final cut as possible. Temporary color, soundtracks, score or digital outputs are acceptable.
• Filmmakers must deliver the final format (as indicated in the “screening requirements” section below) for Festival screenings. No exceptions will be permitted.
• Student shorts must be works shot, directed, and produced by high school or college level students. Adult supervision must be limited to an advisory capacity.


• All entry screeners must be submitted electronically via FilmFreeway and/or WithoutBox. Please fill out all submission forms accurately and entirely.

• Do not submit a press kit. We will request press kits only if a film has been accepted.

You may submit more than one film, but each individual film must be accompanied by its own completed submission form and entry fee payment. Deadline dates and submission fees vary based on the category of entry. If your project is not received by the deadline for which you have registered, you will need to make an additional payment.


If your film is selected for competition, please, be advised that the Festival will require:

• All film projects, including, trailers and clip reels, must be in DCP format and must be DCI compliant.
• For student shorts: Quicktime Files (Native Resolution, using Pro-Res 422
Codec) on a Hard Drive or DCP (must be DCI compliant)
• Digital press kits with photo stills (color and/or black/white), including, posters and postcards
• Headshots of director(s)
• One sentence tagline of the film and a 150-word synopsis of the film

Overall Rating
  • What a blast of a fest. Keep it up you guys- I could see this fest developing super well over the next few years.

    February 2020
  • Fatemeh Mohammadi

    Thanks a lot for selected my short film.This is proud for me

    December 2019
  • Rohit Arora

    Communication was great. Selection of Films looked wonderful. "The Pickup Artist" was played thrice during the event, I thank Robert for the selection and this opportunity of association. Gratitude from my cast/crew in India.

    November 2019
  • Federico José

    I am very proud and grateful to have been selected to participate with Nobody is Crazy at the festival. And having won the award for Best Feature is something I didn't even expect and also want to thank. I hope they continue with many more festivals in the future. Robert Fontaine and his team deserve the best.

    October 2019
  • Christopher Piccione

    For a first year festival, East Northeast did a great job. General consensus between myself and other filmmakers was that way more of an audience showed up at venues on one side of the river than the other. I'm sure these kinks will get worked out over time but it is a beautiful area with beautiful venues to screen your films.

    Def a festival to keep an eye on in the years to come!

    October 2019