Planet Cinema is a global film awards competition where the independent filmmaker with the Best Picture of the year, as seen through the discerning eyes of our jury, can win a $1,500 cash prize. All competing filmmakers can also benefit from a professional film review, as well as film awards and nominations accredited by IMDb.

Planet Cinema serves as an ideal platform for independent filmmakers at all stages, be it those starting their career journey or seasoned veterans. If you possess a film project that may not meet the standards of Cannes but still merits recognition, and you're eager for a chance to win a cash prize, then Planet Cinema is the place for you.

For those who have just returned from Cannes, held their world premiere, and are no longer bound by exclusivity agreements, Planet Cinema provides a risk-free environment. Since we don't digitally showcase your film, there's no threat of violating any distribution contracts. Instead, we critically evaluate your work, offering recognition in the form of IMDb-accredited awards and nominations, or a spoiler-free professional review.

Furthermore, if you're awaiting a response from Cannes, why not use the interim to gather early critical feedback from our jury at Planet Cinema? With no digital showcasing involved, there's no downside. Enhance your waiting period with a competition that emphasizes both integrity and passion.

While we may be newer than some established film festivals, we've rapidly found our place in the online film festival world. Established as an antidote to the often distant, slow, and inaccessible nature of traditional film festivals, we champion a fresh and immediate method of celebrating filmmakers' contributions.

Planet Cinema welcomes all genres, a testament to our faith in cinema's universal appeal. We urge filmmakers to innovate, experiment, and move beyond mere storytelling to leave indelible marks on their audiences.

We proudly offer a variety of awards, acknowledging both technical prowess and creative flair in filmmaking. Our nominees and winners can prominently display these notable achievements in various award categories on IMDb.

At the heart of Planet Cinema is the belief that every independent filmmaker is a star and deserves to be celebrated, they are a cosmic traveler on an exciting journey of creation, forever reaching for the stars. We're devoted to furnishing another avenue for recognition and success, making their voyage as exhilarating and rewarding as possible. With the brand's spirit of inclusivity, adventure, and recognition of hard work, Planet Cinema adds a thrilling dimension to the filmmaking journey.

Planet Cinema upholds values like fun, prompt feedback, and mutual celebration of filmmaking prowess. We strive to foster a lively, engaging, and inclusive space where filmmakers can proudly showcase their work without apprehension of encountering a "void of rejection."


- Receive feedback at lightning speed
- Stand a chance to win a $1,500 cash prize for the Best Picture of the year
- Earn awards and nominations recognized by IMDb
- Benefit from a professional film review
- Some winners get the opportunity to join our esteemed jury panel the following year
- Engage in a film awards competition driven by integrity and passion
- Our website brims with passion, evident in its design and media exposure
- Authenticity is our hallmark; we're transparent and genuine. Visit our jury page to get acquainted with us.
- A single submission ensures your consideration across all award categories


- Technical Value: A benchmark that acknowledges industry standards and the adept use of filmmaking tools. This phase applauds those who masterfully wield the tools at their disposal.

- Artistic/Creative Value: The subsequent stage celebrates filmmakers and storytellers based on their inventive and artful use of available tools.

- Original/Transgressive Value: The final phase salutes those transcending standard filmmaking. We seek innovators who dare to venture beyond, eliciting strong, enduring reactions from their audience. The power of transcendent storytelling.


Submission to one category grants you consideration across all award categories, but if you strongly want to be considered across several specific award categories, ask our team for a discount code to make a multi-category submission, email us at jimmy@planetcinemafest.com

- Main Competition: Best Picture, Best Feature Film or Screenplay, Best Long Short Film, Best Short Film or Screenplay, Best Micro-Short Film, Best Student Film, Best Experimental Film, Best Queer Film or Script, Best Series or TV Script, Best Low Budget Film, ​Best Innovative Film (New Media), Best Animated Film, Best Feature Documentary, Best Short Documentary, Best Music Video, Best Original Podcast

- Genre Competition: Best Drama, Best Comedy or Musical, Best Action, Sci-Fi or Fantasy, Best Horror or Thriller

- Individual/Technical Merit: Best Directing, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Editing + Sound, Best CGI + VFX, ​Best Original Score, ​Best Original Song, Best Film Trailer, Best Art Direction, Best Makeup + SFX

Planet Cinema Online Film Awards Competition Rules and Regulations

1. Eligibility
Planet Cinema is open to filmmakers globally.
Projects should not promote extremist political or religious views.
Projects that defame individuals or organizations will be automatically disqualified.
The submitter must own all copyright rights.
2. Submission
Entrants must submit their films for critical evaluation only. Films will not be showcased digitally.
You consent to the posting of stills and short clip fragments from the film or project on the festival's website/platform plus social media channels, for solely promotional, non-commercial and educational purposes.
We do not release the full film or script under any circumstances.
3. Awards
The Best Picture of the year will receive a $1,500 cash prize.
All competing filmmakers are eligible for a professional film review.
Awards and nominations will be accredited by IMDb.
4. Communication
By entering the competition, you automatically opt-in to receive marketing communications from partner film festivals and film awards competitions.
Opt-out is available by emailing us with a request to unsubscribe.
Withdrawal from these communications can be done at any time.
5. Prize Allocation
If a cash prize winner doesn't come forward within two weeks of being approached, and after two follow-up attempts, the cash prize will be awarded to the 2nd Place runner-up, and so forth.
6. Refund Policy
No refunds will be issued after competition results are announced.
7. Feedback and Conduct
We value sportsmanship and integrity.
Abusive or non-constructive feedback will not be entertained.
8. Judging Criteria
Technical Value: Recognizes standard and proper use of filmmaking tools.
Artistic/Creative Value: Evaluates how filmmaking tools are utilized.
Original/Transgressive Value: Acknowledges filmmakers who innovate, experiment, and create powerful, long-lasting impacts on viewers.


1. Collection of Information
Planet Cinema may collect personal information such as name, email address, and film project details during the submission process.
2. Use of Information
Your personal data will be used for communication regarding the competition and to send marketing communications from our partners.
We might use selected film clips or images on our platforms, ensuring copyright rules are observed.
3. Opt-Out
You can opt-out from marketing communications by emailing us at any time.
Every marketing communication will include a link or instruction on how to unsubscribe.
4. Data Protection
Planet Cinema ensures that all personal data is stored securely.
We will not sell, distribute, or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so.
5. Contact
For any queries or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact us through our official website.

​With these rules, regulations, and privacy policy, Planet Cinema aims to provide a transparent and fair platform for all participating filmmakers, celebrating their talent and hard work in the world of cinema.

Overall Rating
  • When you talk about "big dog" festivals, there can be only one. And Planet Cinema stands on top of the heap! I'll be thinking about this tremendous event for decades.

    December 2023
  • Great festival and communication. I was honored to be selected. Thank you, team Planet Cinema.

    November 2023
  • PlanetCinema is a truly Great Festival

    October 2023
  • Thank you so much for featuring our experimental sci-fi short "SECOND GEN" as an Official Selection and letting filmmakers voices be heard with their creative endeavours!

    October 2023

    Thanks full to Planet Cinema

    September 2023