Looking for Masterpieces!!!
Organized by the Fundación de los 500 Años de la Vera Cruz, A.C.
Dedicated to extremely independent films made with very little or no budget and without strong support.
The FMCINEV has gathered films from the 5 continents, never been screened in the American Continent.
It is a unique event of its kind on a continental level with an exclusive programming that no other film festival in the Americas has.
9th FMCINEV 2022 will take place on-line from December 13 to December 30 throught a plattform.

- Full-length Fiction Films. Run time: over 60 minutes.
- Full-length Documentary Films. Run time: over 60 minutes.
- Fiction Short-films. Run time: not over 15 minutes.
- Documentary Short-films. Run time: not over 15 minutes.
- Animation Short-films. Run time: not over 15 minutes.
- Experimental Short-films. Run time: not over 15 minutes.
- SPECIAL AWARD “MARCEL SISNIEGA” The Direction of the FMCINEV will award a feature film and a short film the Special Prize "Marcel Sisniega" to films that show love and passion for film-making, in honor of this excellent Mexican filmmaker and great chess master.

Films must be quite independent films shot in any format.
Once selected, the film can not be withdrawn.
Any participant film should have their first exhibition between 2020 and 2022.
It’s essential that the film is at least Premiere in Mexico.
Selected films that are not spoken in Spanish must be subtitled in Spanish.
Screening format must be Full HD or Ultra HD.
All selected films give the FMCINEV the right to use photographs, video, images and sounds from the films for promotional purposes.
The Official Selection is done professionally by the Sellection Comitee of the 8th FMCINEV, reserving the possibility of inviting certain movies.
FMCINEV will not pay for the rent of the works submitted for exhibition.
FMCINEV Direction will select the members of the Jury, integrated by national and international personalities of re-known fields of cinematography, arts and culture. The members of the Jury shall not be involved in the production of any of the films in competition. The decisions of the judges are unappealable.

Overall Rating
  • Sara Barati

    I’m thankful of your great festival a lot. I’m sincerely happy to join you.

    April 2022
  • Hugo González

    El festival esta muy bien organizado, agradezco mucho el interés en mi proyecto y la mención otorgada, espero seguir en contacto para futuros proyectos.

    March 2022
  • Pablo Villalobos

    Muy agradecido de poder participar 3n este festival, que espero que siga creciendo. Ganamos 3 premios a mejor edición, fotografía y dirección de arte. Gracias por apoyar el cine independiente internacional!

    January 2022
  • Rafael Muniz

    Excelent international film festival in Veracruz.

    January 2022
  • Silvia Vera

    Good experience. Good communication. Thank you so much for having us.

    January 2022