Best Script Award is one of the monthly film festivals of the Best Film Awards - IMDb Qualifing Film Festival. Our film festival is a prestigious monthly festival with live screening once a month and an annual film festival for filmmakers around the world, based in one of the most beautiful cities in the world London, 29th December 2021.

Last year, we awarded films and screenplays in the Best Director Award and Best Script Award. We honored the directors who were shortlisted for Oscar and BAFTA nominations.

We ourselves are filmmakers, producers and entrepreneurs. We know how difficult it is to show the world that someone appreciates your work. That's why we came up with a unique project in which we involved several jurors from around the world and created a new opportunity to show your film to the world.

Our mission is to recognize talent and passion and to award the best film actors. Our team works around the clock. Each script we read within 72 hours! Best Script Award is looking for the best screenwriters in short and feature screenplays!

The main prize of the Best Film Awards is $ 5,000.

The festival is based on a professional approach. The evaluation focuses on the tone of the script, the idea of ​​the script, inventiveness, the characters, the dramatic curve, the credibility of the script, the conflict.

If you win the prize, you can add your project to IMDb:

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“The ISA has been instrumental in the momentum of my career. By submitting my projects to high level companies and executives, I have received exposure that propelled me to the next level.” - Jamie Anderson

Our Partner Film Festivals:
Kosice International Monthly Film Festival - https://filmfreeway.com/kimff
Prague International Monthly Film Festival - https://filmfreeway.com/pimff2020

MONTHLY COMPETITION (33 categories):

Best Script of the month


Best Super Short Script (under 10 pages)
Best Short Script (under 30 pages)
Best Medium-Length Script (under 60 pages)
Best Feature Script (over 61 pages)
Best First-Time Screenwriter (Short/Feature)
Best Television Script - Pilot


Best Drama Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Comedy Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Thriller Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Horror Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Action Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Sci-fi Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Student Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best LGBT Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Psychological Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Western Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Historical Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Crimi Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Screenplay for children (Short/Feature)
Best Romantic Comedy Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Dark Comedy Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best True Story Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Parody Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Fantasy Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Screenplay for Teeneger (Short/Feature)
Best Animation Screenplay (Short/Feature)
Best Male Main Character
Best Female Main Character
Best Logline
Best Treatment
Best Stage Script
Best Screenplay for Music Video
Best Screenplay Music Film (Short/Feature)
Best Young Screenwriter (under 25y)
Best Male Screenwriter (Short/Feature)
Best Female Screenwriter (Short/Feature)
Best Male First-Time Screenwriter
Best Female First-Time Screenwriter


Best European Screenplay
Best American Screenplay
Best South American Screenplay
Best Asian Screenplay
Best Australian Screenplay
Best African Screenplay

All winners receive a free certificate (pdf/jpg file)

The main prize of the Best Film Awards is $ 5,000.

1. All scripts must be in English.
2. All entry fees are non-refundable.
3. Multiple entries from the same submitter are accepted.
4. The decision of the festival selection committee will be final.
5. Scripts that are submitted must be the entrant’s original work and shall not infringe on any copyrights or any other rights of any third parties.
6. The organizers reserve the right not to award any or all of the prizes.
7. Organizers have the right to use film posters or your photos on public social networks to promote your project and our festival.
8. By submitting the project, you agree that our partner film festivals will be able to send you an offer to submit your projects.

Overall Rating
  • Larisa Vödisch-Nikitina

    The best competition I've had. I feel understood.
    Larisa Vödisch-Nikitina

    April 2021
  • Kilian Seavers

    Great Festival. Wonderful people, very trustworthy and professional.

    April 2021
  • I really appreciate the recognition for my short script Regret. Being a Finalist was such an honor.
    I'll be submitting again!
    Great job on a great festival!!!

    April 2021
  • Lisa Wassel

    This was a wonderful festival. I feel honored to have been chosen as both a finalist and semi-finalist for the two scripts that I submitted to this competition.

    April 2021
  • Jennifer Phagan

    Best script award was a great competition for this first time writer. Enjoyed the experience and was thrilled when my script received semi-finalist. As a writer I just wish there was feedback to know the strengths and weakness of the script.

    April 2021