The Cultural Association Artistic Soul has been organising the “Ventotene Film Festival” for 24 years, directed and coordinated by Loredana Commonara,
The Festival takes place on the breathtaking Ventotene Island, a unique and magical place situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea between Rome and Naples. Organized with the support of the Italian Ministry of Arts and Culture, Lazio Regional Council, the Ventotene Island Council, Under the High Patronage of the European Parliament, the Academy of Italian Cinema David of Donatello Awards, this event will once again bring to the island films, authors and actors who did make and continue making the Italian and the International cinema great.
Given the significant social role played by the Ventotene Film Festival on the island, an International Contest of Movies and Documentaries exploring the themes of Europe, law abidance, active citizenship, democracy and racial integration, was launched, in 2016. .

Movies and Documentaries exploring the themes of Europe, law abidance, active citizenship, democracy and racial integration

The contest is open to all European countries.

Article 1– Conditions for Participation
Unless a special exemption is granted, the Open Frontiers contest of the Ventotene Film Festival will accept works that meet the following criteria:

- Characteristics of the works submitted:
Movies and Documentaries exploring the themes of Europe, law abidance, active citizenship, democracy and racial integration. The length of movies or documentary films must be no less than 50 minutes and no more than 120 minutes, including opening and closing credits.
During the pre-selection phase, if the film contains dialogues spoken in a language other than Italian, English subtitles must be provided.

- Number of works that may be submitted
Each author may submit only one work.

Article 2– Information Regarding Rights
Each author guarantees that:
- Their work is original and does not infringe upon the rights of any third parties with respect to images, sounds and scripting. In the event that the work includes content belonging to third parties, or whose rights belong to third parties, a letter of release and/or statement of the license agreement of the material must accompany the submission. The Ventotene Film Festival accepts no responsibility in case of non-original content, or content subject to licensing and conditions of use, identifying the author as the sole recipient of any remedial actions or challenges by any entitled persons or in case of violations of terms of conditions of use and/or copyrights.
- Their own work does not contain obscene, violent, racist or discriminatory contents against anyone’s lifestyle, culture, political stand or religious beliefs.

The online reception of works is required for the preselection phase. The screening format required is: Mp4 h264 a 6/8 Mbps. If the winning work contains dialogues spoken in a language other than Italian, the BLU-RAY copy should preferably be provided with Italian subtitles.

The deadline to complete the registration request with the uploaded material is July 20th, 2020. The Blu-Ray of the winning work must be sent to the following address no later than July 25th 2020

C/O Associazione Artistic Soul
Via della Giuliana, 27
00195 Roma

Article 3 – Pre-selection, Selection and Jury
Works submitted will be pre-selected at the sole discretion of the Festival’s Artistic Board and subject to evaluation by the jury.
The authors admitted (there will be five finalists) will receive appropriate email notification by July 22nd, 2020
Due to Covid19 emergency, to our regret, we cannot invite anyone from the cast.
But we will make a live streaming connection with the directors or the leading actors of the films that will enter the final five.

The Jury
The jury will be composed of a President chosen by the Festival’s Artistic Board and from experts in the film industry, who will lead a group of refugees with artistic attitudes and already assimilated in Italy.

Availability for Ventotene Film Festival
The winning work, as well as all the works submitted (even the unselected ones), will remain in the Archive of the Ventotene Film Festival.

Article 4 –Award Ceremony
The award ceremony for the winning film always takes place in streaming. The Festival will then send the prize by post.
The costs will be borne by the Festival Will be a special evening, during which the winning work will be screened,

Article 5– Responsibility of the Organisers
The Ventotene Film Festival agrees to use all information received by the participants in accordance with the privacy code (Legislative Decree n. 196, 2003). All details are available on website

The Ventotene Film Festival also reserves the right to modify the schedule of events, if necessary. All updates regarding the contest may be found on the Festival’s website.

Overall Rating
  • Thank so much We are very happy
    all the production team and me. We are honored to be part of the winners at this festival. With “UNDOCUMENTED UNAFRAID”
    we never imagined that our work would pay off
    thanks to all the festival team for the great work and achievements and successes
    I wish you many more years

    Arturo Pulido Garcia

    October 2020
  • Nuestra primera selección internacional tuvo lugar en el Ventotene Film Festival, una gran competición internacional a la que lamentablemente no pudimos ir presencialmente por la crisis sanitaria. Igualmente, fue todo un placer y la comunicación con el festival buena.

    August 2020