TAKT Film Fest is an international film festival. We want to bring the world of film to music lovers, and the world of music to film lovers. The focus of the festival is on films that are using music as a key element. Our idea is to get film and music together in pieces that blend them in different ways and create the cohesion that can elevate both arts.

We are an annual live screening event that will take place in Novi Sad, Serbia. We are the part of a triple fest (music, film, and theatre) that takes place in three linked locations in the course of three days. This is the 9th year of the TAKT festival, but the first year of a separate film festival in the form of a contest, although we held a lot of screening events in recent years.
Visit us at http://taktfest.org/

TAKT Film Fest 2021 will be held from September 22th to September 24th.

The festival is organized by Kulturanova, a renowned NGO from Novi Sad, Serbia, which has been active for almost 20 years, with a lot of success in making and organizing contemporary art projects and events primarily with young and creative people around the world.
Visit us at http://kulturanova.org/index.php/en/

We have a selection committee and a jury made of academic professors and teachers, as well as industry professionals, and young creative people. The jury is made of 4 delegates.

The first prize winner is awarded a certificate and a trophy. In a case where the winner can’t receive an award in person, the festival will send it by the post office. Festival is dedicated to environmentally friendly solutions, so we designed an original award that will honor both music and film.

Feature music documentary – up to 90 min

Best Feature music documentary - certificate and trophy
Best Feature music documentary 2nd place– certificate
Best Feature music documentary 3rd place – certificate
Best sound design in Feature music documentary – certificate

Short music documentary – up to 30 min

Best Short music documentary - certificate and trophy
Best Short music documentary 2nd place– certificate
Best Short music documentary 3rd place – certificate
Best sound design in Short music documentary – certificate

Music video – up to 10 min

Best Music video - certificate and trophy
Best Music video 2nd place – certificate
Best Music video 3rd place - certificate

Non-verbal creative short – up to 15 min

Best Non-verbal creative short - certificate and trophy
Best Non-verbal creative short 2nd place – certificate
Best Non-verbal creative short 3rd place – certificate
Best sound design in Non-verbal creative short – certificate

Additional prizes to be announced.

Please keep in mind that we focus on music, and read instructions here, as well as on our web page, to find out if your project complies with our festival. We are trying to encourage audio-visual works that are based on music, musicians, audio production, and relations between sound and image, as well as works that use music or sound as a driving force or an important structural part of storytelling.

The Festival is open to filmmakers from all over the world.
You can submit as many films as you wish, but you can't submit the same film two times.
We accept films not older than 2 years (counting from 1st of January of the current year).
We do not accept films publicly released publicly, except for the music videos, but we do not ask for premiere rights.

There are no language boundaries, but if your work is not in English or Serbian, you must provide subtitles for certain categories:
Feature music documentary – Serbian or English
Short music documentary – Serbian or English
Music video has no language boundaries and does not provide a necessity for subtitles, but you can provide one if you wish
Non-verbal creative short can’t have narrative dialogue, but you can provide subtitles if you wish.

Submission fee won’t be refunded if you decide to withdraw your film from the festival whether your film is selected or not.
The entry application can be sent through filmfreeway.com. We accept Full HD (1920x1080 or similar, depending on the aspect ratio) in some of the following formats: H.264, H.265, MPEG2, or QuickTime (.mov).

All entries to the festival are free and all participants are very welcome, but we can’t promise to refund your expenses, at least for this year. We will try to do as much as we can, and if you want to come, please inform us, so we can welcome you and try to help you with accommodation and information about the city. We can, at least, grab a meal and have a drink, on our expense, talk about movies and film production, which we do anyway, and hopefully create some friendships, which is a point of these gatherings.

Please keep in mind that:
- You must have all the rights for your work. Submitters are fully responsible for the observance of rights. If you are not sure what that means, please refer to our page http://taktfest.org/index.php/en/takt-film-eng/propositions

- We guarantee not to publish your film anywhere, except at a screening event, but we might use a part of a film, or a trailer (no more than 30s) or use the trailer in full for promotional purposes, as well as a poster and stills or other promotional material that you provide.
- We might take a short video (no more than 15s) from screening, as well as some photographs.
- If You don't want us to use any of that, please tell us.
- If we have a reason to show your film anywhere else, we will ask for your clear permission first.

By sending an application you accept the rules and conditions of the festival.
For more detailed rules and conditions, please refer to http://taktfest.org/index.php/en/takt-film-eng/propositions

Good luck and hope to see you in Novi Sad.

Overall Rating
  • Even if this edition was online, i was really happy to be part of it ! You're doing a great work, thank you so much !!

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Myriam. :-)

    We hope that this was the only online edition, not only for the festival but for all of us.

  • Oliver Smith

    Very honored to be included in the festival. Love their concept of "bringing the world of film to music lovers, and the world of music to film lovers". The organizers focus on bringing together and nurturing all the arts during the festival (and beyond) is inspiring.

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your support, and your film, of course.

    We are glad to see hear that people understand our idea.

  • Melo Viana

    This is one of those festivals that every filmmaker who values quality should submit his film.

    The festival team keeps you inside the event, with quick responses, organized website and friendly environment.

    Thank you Vukasin, Nemanja and Irena for the affection they dedicated to the film Silent Movie.

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, dear Melo.

    It was a pleasure to see your film, and we hope we will have a chance to see many more from you, and hopefully you as well.

  • your organization for this amazing festival. It is not easy for anybody under the present circumstances but your approach and dedication makes it easier for all of us to cope. Beautifully organized and communication could not be better. We are thrilled and appreciate your consideration which at the age of 70 gives me inspiration to start on my second film!
    Thanks to all of you. Keep up your amazing work as this world without arts and culture won't be a world worth living in!
    Thanks to all of you
    Mo Fini

    October 2020
    Response from festival:

    Dear Mo,

    Thank you for your understanding and support.

    We wish you all the luck in your next project, and we hope to see that one as well.

    "Creativity Is Contagious. Pass It On." :-)

  • It's really great festival for my documentary film. Thanks for everything.

    October 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for sharing your film with us.