In its 16th year, the SA HorrorFest is the only all-encompassing Halloween season Horror event on the African continent, including its main film festival component with feature films and short films from around the world (featuring many premieres), plus a short story competition (resulting in best of anthologies published) as well as a live author event, Halloween dress-up, live movie soundtrack performance to classic silent films and more.
(All genre variants accepted, as long as it contains Horror elements)

The highest quality movies are acknowledged with award certificates across a wide range of categories.

Addendum: With the pandemic situation gripping the world, a large part (if not all) of the 2020 SA HorrorFest will be hosted on-line.

There are no restrictions for the production's country of origin.
All languages allowed, but need (hardcoded) English subtitles.

Flamedrop Productions / Shadow Realm inc., and the South African HorrorFest cannot guarantee that the short- or feature films submitted will be selected and shown in public, as the festival selection members / committee will be the final arbiters.

Permission must be granted from the relevant rights holders (where applicable) of any copyrighted material used in your production (eg. music, film, video, news, audio, clips from other sources etc.), and the organizers of the South African HorrorFest cannot be held liable for the unlawful use of such material in submitted works.

Real pornography, human or animal abuse will not be tolerated and such entries will be discarded, and if necessary, reported.

If additional physical materials are supplied to the SA HorrorFest (discs, flash drives, external drives), these are non-returnable.

Information supplied on your production will be used in various Flamedrop Productions / Shadow Realm inc. / SA HorrorFest online and print publications as promotion.