Shutter Speed film festival is designed to bring independent filmmakers together. This will be our second Annual film festival.

AWARDS all Audience Choice

Except for Best Original Screenplay ( we will contact you if your script is the winner)
Best Short Script (Short Script Competition)  The winner of this category, will have the opportunity to have their film produced by us.

1. All non english films must include english subtitles.
2.Film works must be original/ and we are not responsible for your content if you do not have permission to use it.
3. All submissions must be submitted on
4. If you are selected you must provide your own trailers and movie posters.
5. The festival Reserves the right to shut the festival without notice.
6.The Festival Reserves the right to make any changes necessary in regulations or scheduling.
7. A filmmaker may submit more than one film, with a different entry fee.
8. Submissions will not be returned.
9.All Fees are non- refundable.

Overall Rating
  • An awesome film festival where communication is great and its clear that filmmmakers and the process come first, thank you!

    July 2018
  • Elias Moreno

    Amazing. Best first year festival I've been to.

    May 2018
  • Jeramie Wilkinson

    Great little festival. Interesting selection of films with filmmakers that are up and coming.

    May 2018
  • James Carroll

    Great contest. Nice awards. It was an honor to be part of it.

    April 2018
  • A great time all around. We were so happy to get Word from a Gamer into this one

    April 2018