Shutter Speed film festival is designed to bring independent filmmakers together. This will be our second Annual film festival.

Shutter Speed Film Festival, is a festival created by filmmakers. We greatly appreciate the artform, and the amount of energy put into each film.

What does Shutter Speed Film Festival offer?
*Opportunity to have your films screen to public audiences.
*Film Workshops and much more.

We hope to see you there!


Audience Choice
Best Original Screenplay 
Best Short Screenplay
Best Short Screenplay from Dallas Fort Worth, will win an award from Zen Productions

1. All non english films must include english subtitles.
2.Film works must be original/ and we are not responsible for your content if you do not have permission to use it.
3. All submissions must be submitted on
4. If you are selected you must provide your own trailers and movie posters.
5. The festival Reserves the right to shut the festival without notice.
6.The Festival Reserves the right to make any changes necessary in regulations or scheduling.
7. A filmmaker may submit more than one film, with a different entry fee.
8. Submissions will not be returned.
9.All Fees are non- refundable. (Ticket sales are final)

Overall Rating
  • Great local film festival! Loved it!

    November 2020
  • aveen bayazid

    Had a great experience at this festival. So much great work was featured.

    November 2020
  • This was a great festival. Fatimah and her staff did an amazing job with this festival. Everything from the acceptance notifications to award ceremony was planned so well. Great networking, Great location, and she even provided snacks for the audiences. I would definitely recommend this festival to any filmmaker.

    October 2020
  • Katt Gilcrease

    Shutter Speed Team....Fatima, Sean, Kathryn...
    ( sorry if I misspelled names and for not remembering some of your names....)
    Just a quick thank you for what you pulled off with the festival. During these trying and dangerous times in dealing with this d*** virus you guys managed to put on a very nice festival. Professionally done and wonderfully laid back and fun. I know once this virus is hopefully under control it will be bigger and better. The quality of the films chosen was seriously competitive anywhere! These filmmakers had some truly serious talents and the judges were tuned into that.
    Future filmmakers should know this is a festival for your film. Don’t hesitate just enter.
    Thanks again for having us this year.
    We are ready to take a shot next year. Can’t wait!

    As the last director of the night was in his Q and A segment ( I won’t put him on the spot by using his name ...) he said something that stood out to me and to all there I would suspect.....” keep pushing.”
    And he’s right. We must all do just that.

    So, keep pushing!
    Katt Gilcrease
    Third Base
    Audience choice winner!
    ( hee,hee... I had to sneak that in. )

    October 2020
  • George Wada

    A great film festival, convenient location in the middle of the DFW metroplex. Awesome staff, hospitality excellent. If you attend, you will not be disappointed.

    May 2019