SANFICI is a space to generate meetings at different levels, with an overcoming and innovative will. First of all, it is a space for the relationship between spectators, filmmakers and theorists around cinema and all border and heterodox manifestations. Secondly, it is a special and temporary meeting point.

SANFICI wants to become, year after year, the place of convergence for world independent cinema. But it also wants to be the space where the past and the future dialogue. The place where the most diverse film traditions are embraced with their riskiest proposals.

All categories are competitive and have different types of recognition.

Once the film has been selected for participation, it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival program, nor can it be exhibited in any other cinematographic curatorial space in Colombia before its official screening at SANFICI.

Regulations and Registration Bases for the Santander International Independent Film Festival

Edition 2023

SANFICI, Santander International Festival of Independent Cinema, will take place from February 20 to 24 in Santander, Colombia.

The applications for the Festival are open for fiction, documentary films, new narratives, animation, VR, or any expression of cinema, from around the globe. For feature films or short films.

All Competition productions must have been completed after June 1, 2021.

The Festival program will include competitive and non-competitive sections. The scheduled films will be included in the section that the programming committee considers appropriate.

Opening Date: August 01
Closing Date: December 10

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