Ouchy Film Awards (OFA) is a film & script award competition. After 4 successful editions, we organize our 5th edition in a new format. In this new format, we accept feature films, short films and movie screenplays. First time in the world, we will give some of our awards by using the artificial intelligence.
As in our previous editions, our event will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland. Before the final physical event in July 2022, we will have 4 seasonal sessions to select nominees for the final event.
We accept all genres of narrative films from all over the world.
We will award the best films after a comprehensive review process. Our evaluation includes the critique on six categories: acting, directing, editing, script, sound, and cinematography. As for the screenplays, the six categories evaluated are originality, structure, plot, pacing, characters and dialogues.
We have five categories of nominations for this edition:
- AI Award for Best Feature Film
- AI Award for Best Short Film
- AI Award for Best Acting
- AI Award for Best Screenplay

During the year, divised in four seasons, the films are selected by our international jury.

Screening: During the event, the films will be screened in front of the public.

Award: Once the selection is made, the films will be processed through AI. In order to give the Award, these results will be analysed by data analysis specialists from Largo-ai.

The winners of the third year competition will receive the trophies during our event.

Rules & Terms
- All films must have been made in or after 2019.
- Short film entries must be shorter than 40 minutes.
- Feature films must be longer than 40 minutes.
- Entries must be in English or subtitled, dubbed in English.
- Works in progress are accepted.
- Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker.
- Entree fees are non-refundable.
- There is no premiere requirement.
- Once you submit your film, you agree that we can use your film data confidentially in order to develop our services.

- Entrants must submit a copy of high quality screener file as soon as possible
- Entrants must submit French subtitles as the physical screening will take place in a French-speaking country

Overall Rating
  • Ouchy felt like a kiss when my screenplay "Don't Change Your Husband" was selected. Thanks very much.

    May 2022
  • I am truly honored that my screenplay, IMPACT was the winner of two awards; the best screenplay award and the AI award. Thank you

    April 2021
  • Paul Gordon

    Very well done and enjoyable educational for writers.

    April 2021
  • Peter Gartner .

    A really excellent festival, which cost nothing to enter. I got nominated for the Best Screenplay award, which was great.

    April 2021
  • Grace Zhang

    Good for these shorts quality

    December 2018