Not So Happy Film Festival premiers in the summer of 2020, not in a theater near you but in the middle of nowhere in Sweden.

Two week residency at the Bluesberry Woods Sculptured House, meals included.

We are a small film festival with the mission to encourage filmmakers to reach another audience. If your submission fits the theme of the Not So Happy Film Festival, you are welcome to contact us. The theme is the name of the festival. No horror movies, unless it's real life horror like Donald Trump.

We take applications for:

Feature films. The length can be 45 minutes or longer.
Documentaries. The length can be 15 minutes or longer.
Short films. The length can be 45 minutes or shorter.
Art films. The length should be under two hours.

The submitted film must have been finished after January 1, 2018. Please note that any screening of the film in Sweden prior to the Festival automatically disqualifies the film from participating in the Not So Happy Film Festival. Your film must be subtitled in English (if the original dialogue is not entirely in English). Make sure the subtitles are big enough to be read from a distance.