Making its second appearance at Whirled Cinema in London on Saturday November 11th (4-7pm) after the inaugural event in April 2023, Noli Me Tangere is the festival for short films too experimental, too daring, too ‘amateur’ or simply too long for the mainstream circuit. Running an event every six months, we want to establish an independent network of our own that values cinema and creativity, outside of the corporatised events that have come to dominate the scene.

With this event, you are buying into cinema culture, which means having an atmosphere to be part of, a place to hang out, your own corner of London that works for you and you work for it (ie. you enjoy it!).

From our next event, on November 11th, we are running a social hang-out spot after the screening at the beautiful nearby CRAFT METROPOLIS, where like-minded filmmakers and fans can meet and form new fruitful friendships. The bar is only a 2 minute walk from the cinema.

The films will be screened before an invited audience of industry guests as well as the general public and fellow film-makers. The capacity for the venue is 60 people.

If we’ve done our jobs right, people will know we are providing cutting edge cinema – but that won’t be the only reason they are coming. They are coming to be a part of something exciting, that stands for something.

NOLI is different to the usual festival set-up in that it is not about industry
griping, but a chance to contribute to something meaningful and sustainable, that everyone can get a good time & creative fulfilment out of. In a sense, we are bringing the over-reliance on internet “communities” back to real life.


We are named in honour of Jacques Rivette’s opus ‘Out 1’. Rivette scrawled the Biblically-derived message ‘Noli Me Tangere’ (‘do not touch me’ in Latin) across 13-hours worth of film canisters to indicate he did not want the work cut further; this instruction is sometimes included now as the film’s subtitle. We hope to carry forward his uncompromising but generous spirit.

We do not need DCPs or anything similar; all we ask is that you provide us a viewable copy of the film on whatever platform you choose or send us a copy via dropbox etc. If accepted, we will only require a clean, good quality MP4 or similar.

We do not need premiere rights,

All final screen copies must be with us by the 1st of November 2023.