The MystiCon Independent Film Festival runs during the MystiCon convention in Roanoke, Virginia on the last weekend of each February. We screen films in every genre and length, but our primary audience does consist of Sci-Fi, thriller, and horror fans. Our MystiCon Indie Film Fest audience favorites range from animated shorts to full length thrillers, fan films for Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc, Zombies, and geek/fandom related documentaries. Horror Comedy is particularly popular. Our primary goal is to help your films get to an audience and to curate a strong film festival that appeals to the typical con-goer.

We award a variety of awards for the best films in the categories we receive each year. The awards may vary based on entries received. There may be a cash prize awarded depending on the amount of entries. Remaining funds after the film festival's expenses may go toward the annual MystiCon scholarship recipient.

Please submit to a single category only. If you wish to premiere your film at the festival please submit under that category only. All films accepted to the MystiCon Indie Film Festival must be available for download in h264 1080p mp4's only. All films must be English speaking or have English sub-titles embedded onto the film. Shorts are considered as less than 25 minutes in length. Any films over 25 minutes must be submitted as a feature length film. Films will be judged by multiple judges from within the film, theatre, writing, and media industries. Acceptance and/or prizes are not guaranteed to any/all films.

Overall Rating
  • Zivar Hojati

    Thanks so much. Anything is very good 🙏🌷

    July 2022
  • Joel Koskinen

    Thank you for selecting my film to the festival! Great communication and hospitality. Looking forward participating again!

    March 2022
  • I look forward to being part of this festival. My experience with MystiCon Independent Film Festival has been wonderful. Great communication and really kind people.

    March 2022
  • FangLing Pei

    Thanks to Mysticon and judges,I am excited to be selected. I hope I can take part in festival in the future!

    April 2020
  • I was unable to attend the event unfortunately because I live in Europe. But I'm very happy that my film was selected for this beautiful festival. Thank you!

    March 2020