The MystiCon Independent Film Festival runs during the MystiCon convention in Roanoke, Virginia on the last weekend of each February. We screen films in every genre and length, but our primary audience does consist of Sci-Fi, thriller, and horror fans. Our MystiCon Indie Film Fest audience favorites range from animated shorts to full length thrillers, fan films for Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc, Zombies, and geek/fandom related documentaries. Horror Comedy is particularly popular. Our primary goal is to help your films get to an audience and to curate a strong film festival that appeals to the typical con-goer.

We award a variety of awards for the best films in the categories we receive each year. The awards may vary based on entries received. There will be a cash prize awarded depending on the amount of entries. Remaining funds after the film festival's expenses will go toward the annual MystiCon scholarship recipient.

Please submit to a single category only - with the exception of adding the "World Premiere" category if you wish to premiere your film at the festival. All films accepted to the MystiCon Indie Film Festival must be available for download in h264 1080p mp4's only. All films must be English speaking or have English sub-titles embedded onto the film. Shorts must be less than 25 minutes in length. Any films over 25 minutes must be submitted as a feature length film. Films will be judged by multiple judges from within the film, theatre, writing, and media industries. Acceptance and/or prizes are not guaranteed to any/all films.

Overall Rating
  • Jesse Pickett

    Awesome festival! Great communication. Very proud to have been included :)

    September 2018
  • Vishal Jaiswal

    My experience with Mysticon is wondeful. They are so humble, kind and give personal attention to each film. Their intent to reach every filmmaker is beyond appreciation

    July 2018
  • David Cave

    Brilliant! Brilliant! Submit! Submit! Submit! Thank you!

    May 2018
  • Everything about MystiCon really is amazing - from the films and the filmmakers, to the convention panelists and the programming, even from the announcements to the awards to the venue itself, it's all done with such steadfast dedication and devotion that it's immediately noticeable the instant they greet you with open arms.

    There are a lot of fandom conventions with "film festival components," but MystiCon has created something truly amazing these last few years and that is largely due to the diligence and the dedication of the brilliant Shawn Walton. Not happy with simply providing filmmakers a screen and a (maybe) quiet room away from the convention madness to show their movies, Walton and her crew of volunteers have managed to make a formidable film festival with a fantastic screening room into an enjoyable experience for anyone and everyone at the con. Now this is to truly be appreciated as fandom conventions are such sensory overload for so many people that it's often impossible to get anyone to sit still for very long at all, let alone keep cheeks in seats all weekend long.

    MystiCon, and its film festival, is now a cinematic summit that I anxiously look forward to all year long. It's some of the best and brightest movie magic-makers from all over the place, all hanging out and talking shop, discussing ideas, getting even more ideas, and just having one hell of a good time catching up with old friends and making new ones. It's the living breathing embodiment of true social networking because there have been some amazing (and award-winning) movie masterpieces that have come out of such magnificent movie-making minds all being together at the right place at the right time. I have been lucky enough to attend MystiCon for the last few years and even more honoured to bring home an award or two in that time, but it's the friendships that I made there, that continue to make me an even better filmmaker. The MystiCon Independent Film Festival... just submit already. You'll be glad that you did... trust me.

    March 2018
  • What a wonderful festival brought together by an enthusiastic, committed team of film and story-lovers. Excellent communication throughout by dir Shawn Walton and very positive attitude faced with more than 3,000 submissions. What a load of tales to go through. Julian F. Woodford Dead Bod Films

    March 2018