MOODY CRAB FILM FEST is an International film festival for all genre of films and screenplays. We do not have any production year barrier. We aim to showcase the creativity, talent and skills of film makers around the world. We host this festival in different parts of the country. We travel with our films.

*******COVID-19 Situation related update***********
Due to the ongoing global pandemic situation, physical screening in front of a large live audience as per our tradition will not be possible for this particular season. However, we shall make all arrangement possible to promote every entry through digital media.

Winners get digital certificate and laurel.

Trophy (Courier cost is separate and to be paid by the winner).

1) Submission only through FilmFreeway
2) All genre will be accepted
3) No production year barrier
4) Once submitted fees won't be refunded

Overall Rating
  • Joshua Perrin

    Thank you for screening my music video for "Halo" by Iyes Keen. I hope it added excitement to your festival.

    April 2022

  • What a delightful festival!

    We’ll definitely be back with future projects.

    Highly recommend.

    March 2022
  • Moody Crab looks good, tastes good and hopefully will open up for traditional screenings SOON.
    Thanks for the selection... BlackEyes Rules!

    March 2022
  • Jeffrey Morin

    A good experience, well planned and good follow through on notifications and awards. They don’t leave the artists hanging. I recommend it! Thanks.

    March 2022
  • Moody Crab was a great experience for me and I am honored to have been chosen as winner of Best Screenplay. Thanks so much. I would love to attend in person one day.

    March 2022