J.S. Co. PRODUCTIONS Digital Film Studios.
J.S. Co. PRODUCTIONS Digital Film Studios
Savage does not begin to explain filmmaker/ artist James M. Storm and his crew of misfit guerilla filmmakers. At six years old, James began making his backyard productions armed with the family VHS camera and a crew of neighborhood kids. Some of these movie obsessed friends still work with the company to this day, even after a lifetime of grueling filmmaking misadventures. By high School James had formed J.S. Co. PRODUCTIONS Digital Video Studios, his video production business, and had produced several feature length independent films. In later years the company suffered heartbreak and near collapse when a beloved team member suddenly and tragically passed away. James, embittered by the loss of his friend in conjunction with what he calls “The Hollywood Treatment” referring to his experience navigating the entertainment industry, was determined to henceforth maintain the creative integrity of his films. He did this by self-producing his own movies, even if that meant foregoing the luxury of a reasonable budget. In recent years James and his crew have produced over 60 independent films, documentaries, and music videos and have only just begun to break into the creative stratosphere. To this day James unapologetically maintains his position that his creative freedom and integrity are the keys to his unique and satisfying style of filmmaking. James will be the first to tell you, “My creative well runs deep and I don’t need a Hollywood budget to tell a great story. Even in a world of 4K, 5K, 10K… Give me a VHS camera and a flashlight and I’ll give you Gone with the Wind”.
James currently resides in San Diego, CA where he is hard at work in his private studio preparing for the release of his latest 6 major film projects.
Palomar College
Digital Video Production/ Digital Media
NCRA (Nation Court Reporters Association)
CLVS (Certified Legal Video Specialist)
High School
Rancho Bernardo High School
Drama/ Digital Media
Current City
San Diego
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Married To
A. Beautiful Woman
"Don't shoot, I'm only a filmmaker!"
"I strive to make every frame of my films picture perfect."
J.S. Co. PRODUCTIONS Digital Film Studios.
J.S. Co. PRODUCTIONS Digital Film Studios
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Résumé & Attachments
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