Lúdico offers a new range of cultural and art specter to it audience in the north part of Costa Rica, in a fast growing city as Ciudad Quesada, more spaces are needed to entertain the locals.

Lúdico Shorfilm Festival is supporter by the goberment and private business whom believe in the development of cinema as a form of art, as a social and economical impact.

Lúdico Costa Rica Award. (Only for Costarican Filmmakers )
The winning shortfilm will be invited to several international Festivals.

Also it will receive a winning Trophy

Latinamerican Lúdico Award. (Only Latinamerican Filmmakers)
Awarded to the best latinamerican shortfilm
Winning Trophy

Latinamerican Public Award.
Only Latinamerican Filmmakers
Awarded to the Most voted short by the audience.
Winning Trophy

Lúdico ShortFilm Festival.


To participate in the Short Films Official Competition( Costa Rican Award and Latin American Award) you must meet the following requirements:

• Natural or legal entities of latin american countries can participate
• The number of short films that you can enter into competition is limited to four short films per director.
• Your film can not be a reduced or extended version of another short film made previously for this festival.
• Only short films with completion date after 1st of November, 2019 can compete

a. The maximum duration for the short films in all categories is 25 minutes and may have been shot in any system.

c. Entries must have completed production after April 1st, 2020.

d. All those short films whose original dialogues are not in Spanish, is preferably subtitled in Spanish. Otherwise, they will might be refused as the Festival has limited resources.

f. The Organization will agree upon selection, date and display order of the short films participating in Lúdico Latin American Short film Festival. In the latter case only those short films in which the responsible person for each work expressly authorizes will be displayed.

g. Proposals received after the specified date are excluded from participating.

h. For costarican filmmakers participation in all activities of the Festival is mandatory. For foreign filmmakers the Festival will arrange for lodging discounts in Ciudad Quesada, if they can attend to the Festival activities.

Registration and material submission

The Festival Call will take place only

FROM January 1st, 2020 TO April 15th, 2020

a) Submission of materials will be made via the platform, following the platform’s rules.
b) The subscription can be managed online, via the platform.

c) Once the work is uploaded, you will be asked a series of information that makes up the registration form, the participant does not have to send anything else by post or e-mail. The content is private and only accessible by the festival and its contributors.

d) Upon enrollment the information must be complete and ready to attach, such as:
• Short film's still photo
• Poster (if there was made one)
• Director's photo
• The Festival kindly asks the submitters to include Spanish subtitles with their submission. The Festival has limited resources and might have to refuse short films with no Spanish subtitles.

e) The submission and transfer cost is free.

Sending by Mail

Will only be admitted for film schools and distributors who prefer to send their material via mail. They should contact the Festival directly using the following email address:



a) The Official Jury, composed by professionals from the film, culture and communication industry, will be in charge of awarding the prizes. The awards will be for the film's Director.

b) Decisions of both the Selection Committee and the Official Jury will be final.

c) The Jury reserves the right to declare awards and mentions deserted, if they don't find works that go along with what the Festival represents.

d) The jury's decision will be public on June 20th at the Award Gala.

e) The Jury will evaluate the script, producing, directing, technical and artistic resources with which the participant short was made.


a) The registration implies acceptance of all the rules.

b) Each short film must have script registration rights and will be responsible for the image rights of the people who appear in their videos, as well as the rights of the soundtrack and/or original music.

c) If selected to participate in the Festival, it is mandatory to have
a Trailer of the short film, 1 minute long max, which will be required by the programming team. The information about the short film (synopsis and technical datasheet) will be required in English and Spanish.

Overall Rating
  • gracias por todo, increíble organización.

    February 2021
  • Joanna Nelson

    Loved being part of this film festival! Even though it was online due to the circumstances, it felt like we were there. Thank you.

    February 2021
  • Eugenio Gomez Borrero

    Un grandioso festival, que en el 2020 logró realizarlo a pesar de las dificultades. Estamos muy felices de hacer recibido un premio de este festival de cine latinoamericano, que ojalá se fortalezca año tras año.

    January 2021
  • Dhyan Valdés Ramírez

    Increible Festival. Magnifica comunicacion y un gran afecto por el cine Latinoamericano. Estamos orgullosos y agradecidos de haber sido parte de su edicion 2020

    December 2020
  • Paula Asprella

    Un hermoso festival! Gracias por elegir a nuestro cortometraje.

    December 2020