A short film festival on social issues topics.
An itinerant and international festival of short films by independent filmmakers.

Little México Film Festival or LiMe Film Fest it was founded in 2010 in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois by Lizart Productions / Arturo Lizalde, to provide a constructive platform for filmmakers of any skill level and provide an opportunity to explore issues that affect communities through dialogue.

We are accepting short films in all genres addressing our 2020 theme “GLOBAL WARNING”. Submissions will be judged by our panel of community and industry leaders.

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Un festival de cortometrajes de temas sociales.
Un festival de cortometrajes internacional e itinerante para cineastas independientes.

Little México Film Festival or LiMe Film Fest fue fundada en 2010 en el barrio Little Village de Chicago, Illinois, por Lizart Producciones / Arturo Lizalde, para proporcionar una plataforma constructiva para cineastas de cualquier nivel y brindar la oportunidad de explorar problemas que afectan a las comunidades a través del diálogo.

Aceptamos cortometrajes de todos los géneros bajo el tema “FEMINISMO”. Todos los cortometrajes serán juzgados por nuestro comité de jurados.

- Post an original short film, 15 minutes or less, the theme is “GLOBAL WARNING.”
- The submission's deadline is September 30, 2020.
- Entry fee is $-- 

- Students fee is $-- dlls with a prove of id.
- Please note, short films can be presented in any language but MUST be subtitled in English.

- Screening:
 The official selection of LiMe Film Fest 2020 “GLOBAL WARNING” will be screened at ----------------.
- Followed by a Q/A and select panel to discuss the topic.

-Dates and screenings will be announced. 


- Once the short film has been submitted, the participants agree with the terms and conditions set by this exhibition. Any unforeseen circumstances will be reviewed and addressed by the Little México Film Festival Committee.
- The short film should presented with synopsis, crew list, trailer (optional) and digital poster.
- Format 
File: mp4, mov
- LiMe will decide the order in which each film will be
- Once a short film submission has been accepted, it will not be able to be removed.
- Under no circumstances will participants be paid for any rights to exhibit the submitted
- The selected films will automatically become part of the LiMe program,
participating in festivals, cultural and educational events around the world without
generating payment for any rights to exhibit the submitted work.
- The film production will assume responsibility of any copyright content inside the short film.

- The selection of the participating short films shall remain under the sole discretion of LiMe. All decisions are final.

- The submitted works could be selected for viewings outside of the festival at non-for-profit events. The selected short films will be viewed in high resolution HD.

Queremos + Cine!!!!

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- Enviar un cortometraje original con un máximo de 15 minutos bajo el tema de “GLOBAL WARNING”.
- La fecha limite de entrega es el 30 de Septiembre, 2020.
- Costo de entrada es de $--- US / $----- Mx.
- Costo de entrada con credencial de estudiante es de $--- US / $---- Mx.
- Todos los cortometrajes DEBEN de estar subtitulados al ingles.
- Presentación: La selección oficial 2020 “GLOBAL WARNING” serán presentados en -----. seguido de una sesión de preguntas y respuestas para discutir el tema.
- Los días de presentación de los cortometrajes serán anunciados en su debido tiempo.


- Una vez el cortometraje dentro del festival, el participante acepta los términos y condiciones de exhibición. Cualquier circunstancia imprevista será revisada por el comité de LiMe Film Fest.
- El cortometraje será presentado con sinopsis, lista de equipo de producción o crew , TRAILER (opcional) y poster digital.
- Formato: mp4, mov
- LiMe decidirá el orden el cual serán presentados los cortometrajes.
- Una vez dentro el cortometraje a LiMe Film Fest este ya no será removido.
- Bajo ninguna circunstancia los participantes serán compensados económicamente por los derechos de exhibición del material entregado.
- Los cortometrajes seleccionados serán automáticamente parte del programa itinerante de LiMe, participando en eventos culturales y educacionales alrededor del mundo sin ningún beneficio económico por los derechos de exhibición por ambas partes.
- La producción de cada cortometraje se hará respondable del contenido y los derechos de autor.


- La selección de los cortometrajes participantes correrá a discreción del comité de LiMe Film Fest. La decisión será final.


- El material entregado podrá ser elegido para exhibición itinerante.
- Los cortometrajes se proyectarán en alta resolución.

Queremos + Cine!!!!

Overall Rating
  • Güzel bir festivaldi. Çok teşekkür ederim.

    October 2017
  • José Pablo Morales Morales

    Lindo encantó que la comunicación fue super buena.

    November 2016
  • Although this is a small festival at the moment... I'm very happy that I attended the Live Screening. The organizers were very hospitable and welcoming, and I think it's wonderful~ that they're creating a community event like this one. Thank You to Arturo & Everyone There! It was a pleasure to meet you all!! xoxo Liz Taylor

    October 2016
  • Manfred Lopez Grem

    I love thematic festivals with clear messages that stand apart from the rest. And this little festival is definitely one of them.

    I was surprised to learn that for their 2015 edition they only accepted 13 films out of 800 submissions. That's an insane 1.6% acceptance rate! Arturo Lizade, the festival director, told me that it had been their most difficult selection process ever.

    Speaking of Arturo, he was great in maintaining communication and updating me on all the steps of acceptance. I unfortunately could not attend because of scheduling conflicts, but was nonetheless thrilled to have been part of their very selective line-up. Arturo was even kind enough to later mail me my acceptance certificate and awesome custom-designed collectors t-shirt.

    May 2016