To show films that make us think, awaken our conscience, denounce injustice and reflect the social and cultural diversity of humanity. This is the objective of The Human Rights Film Festival, which will celebrate its 19 annual festival this year.
The Human Rights Film Festival, with the central headquarter in Barcelona, is the oldest independent Human Rights Film Festival and one of the most important festival on Human Rights in all Spain and one of Spain’s most important and widely internationally established festival on Human Rights.

Competitive Section:
- Best Feature Film
- Best Medium-Length Film
- Best Fiction Short Film
- Best Documentary Short Film
- Best Experimental short film
- Best Photography film
- Best Script film
- Best Environmental film
- Best Editing film
- Best Sound design film
- Best Student film
- Best Dance body expression film
- Best NGO work film

2022 Non-competitive Section:
- Special Award in Human Rights

Special Awards by the Organization:
- Human Rights Awards.
Courageous individuals who spread or fight for Human Rights / Civil Rights / Peace / Humanitarian.

All films must be about Human Rights.
If your film is selected in some cases you will have to send the film in digital format with high definition to the subtitles department.
The Festival will do international shows of the official section films in Spain and in
countries of the global south in the world, with the aim to spread human rights themes before the beginning of the next edition.
If the Festival don't answer one time you know the reception of the material was done is because your film has not been selected.
The festival reserves the right to change the final program.
Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these rules.

Overall Rating
  • Francisco Torres

    Fantástico Festival. Agradecidos de haber proyectado en Barcelona nuestro cortometraje Allá en el Cielo. Esperamos poder volver en un futuro!

    May 2022
  • Yolanda García

    Gracias por la selección y por el aporte comunitario en ideas cinematográficas relacionadas con los derechos humanos.
    Saludos y buena suerte para las siguientes ediciones.

    December 2021
  • Kurt Shaw

    I have long admired the Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival, with is excellent selection of films and its commitment to social change. That Daughters of Courage was selected to show was an honor: that it won best film was unexpected and humbling. I sincerely recommend the festival.

    December 2021
  • Honoured to have been part of the festival with my film Pandemiocracy.

    December 2021
  • Sol Martínez

    A wonderful experience.
    The organization was excellent.
    Feature films and short films from several places of the world of very good level.
    Next year I hope to return.

    December 2017