Hamilton Black film festival is an annual event that will showcase Black, Indigenous and People of Colour films from Hamilton and across the globe giving the opportunity to Canadian audiences to experience the works of this explosion of talent. The city of Hamilton is the ideal city to host HBFF because it is known to nurture, embrace, and celebrate different cultures.

Paize B. Usiosefe is the Founder Managing Director of Hamilton Black Film Festival. He is also a is an author, filmmaker, screenwriter and film producer. Paize Usiosefe is the 2020 recipient of the Jackie Washinghton award for the arts from the John Holland Awards. He won the Editor's Choice Award for poetry works in 1995 and became a member of the international society of poets. His book "ECHO FROM A VALLEY" was nominated for the City of Hamilton Arts Awards and Hamilton Literature Awards. He has appeared in thirteen feature movies such as Incredible Hulk, Breakout, Love Guru, The Underground, flashpoint just to name a few.

All film lengths and genres accepted

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Best Canadian short film
Best American Short Film
Best feature film
Best Director Short Film
Best Cinematography
Best Short Foreign Film
Best Feature Foreign Film
Best Writer Feature Film
Best Picture Feature Film
Best Producer Short Film
Best Festival Short film
Best Actor feature film
Best Actress feature film
Best Actor short film
Best Actress short film
Best Short Documentary
Best feature length Documentary
Best Cinematography feature film
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Best Editing feature film
Best Editing short film
Best Festival feature film
Best Festival short film
Best Festival Documentary
Best Editing Short Film
Best Editing Feature Film

*To submit a film you MUST have the right or permission to the film.
*That the film meet the festival criteria.
*All foreign films must have English subtitles.
*All fees are non-refundable.
*HBFF will not be responsible for damage copies.

*All film lengths and genres accepted
format is 1920*1080 (16.9)

Overall Rating
  • Law and our "Catharsis" team really appreciate being a part of HBFF. Founder Paize Usiosefe and curators of this festival are skilled, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and incredibly inclusive. Even virtually, we could feel the love. We also want to extend our gratitude for including us among the high caliber of talent for nominations, receiving the Best American Short Award, and the interview spotlight with director/writer, Law Watford. Blessings forward, and a mutual love blast!

    --Genia Lear Morgan >-} (Actor/Co-producer) & Catharsis Cru

    July 2021

    This was an OUTSTANDING Film Festival and I was honored to be a part of it.

    June 2021
  • I was very pleased to have my film -- THE BLUE ROSE and selected at Hamilton Black Film Festival . Communication was clear and prompt . And for it's first festival it was run amazingly well. I wish the filmmakers could have been there in person. Tijuana Layne

    June 2021
  • Ryan Singh

    For a first-time event, I was really pleased with the organization, reception, and deliverables. Thank you Hamilton Black Film Festival

    June 2021
  • Brandon Rowe

    Really enjoyed my time at the HBFF. Thank you so much for the opportunity and the award. The communication was awesome and the lineup of films was great. We hope that next year we can show our upcoming feature and be able to do it in person.

    June 2021