"Everything Is A Game", this is the theme of the festival in the German city of games, Altenburg. So we want to present films which are telling stories about games. This could be the game of love, the game inside politics or about gaming in an old or new fashioned style. We're looking for shorts but also longer films (between 30 an 90 minutes). It is a feature or a documentary movie? You can submit every genre.

An important focus we have on films about computer or analog gaming or films which made with computergames or old fashioned analog games.

The festival will take place in an old historian malt factory in the German city of Altenburg. It is not only a screening, because You will discover a great place! The Paul-Gustavus-Haus is a cultural heritage building within the inner city of Altenburg. Built 1905 as a factory for coffee-substitutes, it constitutes one of the few examples for the combination of living and working in the former residence town in the turn of the century. In 2009, a nonprofit association was founded with a clear mission: to preserve and gradually restore the long disused building, and to revitalize it by various cultural events. 2017, almost sixty members are voluntarily involved. The aim of the Förderverein Zukunftswerkstatt Paul-Gustavus-Haus e.V. as a vibrant social-cultural district center is: to stimulate the urban area marked by high rates of vacancy and underutilized buildings and estates, furthermore, to demonstrate alternative uses of worth preserving buildings in a central downtown location. The main focus in particular is the exchanges between generations and cultures, social integration projects, along with concerts, art and theater performances.

mediaKult Altenburg
State of Thuringia
VR-Bank Altenburger Land e.G.
Jazz Club Altenburg
City of Altenburg
Landcineasten e.V.

Best film (between 30 an 90 minutes)
Best shortfilm (until 15 minutes)
Best film about or made with computer games

Have a look in the categories and submit if You think Your film could be good for the festvial. For the screening we need a MPEG4-file with 1920 x 1080 Pixel (Full-HD) 6 Mbits. With submitting a film we got the permission to use parts of the movie for producing a festvial trailer. We will show the name of the movie and the director during the trailer. We will use the trailer for viral marketing and also for German television.

For young international submitters: If You are interested to come to the festival, please contact us. We have the possibility to check a fund to pay Your traveling costs. This is only possible if You submit a film an the one is taken for the program of the festival.

The movie has to be in english or german language or with english or german subutitles!

Every author who submits his film to our festival authorizes us to broadcast his film non-exclusively on the local TV station altenburg.tv. This free TV license begins on September the 1st and ends on September the 30th, 2021. It includes the limited one-time broadcast in the above channel and the streaming of the film on the Internet and via HBB-TV. If the author does not have these rights for the respective competition entries, the film cannot be submitted. With the submission you accept these conditions and release the FilmFest from any rights of third parties.

Overall Rating
  • James Kirby

    Thrilled that our short comedy film, "The Sunshine Summit O'er the Mountain of Dishes" was recognized!

    A splendid and utterly professional event not to be missed by any aspiring filmmakers. They truly care about emerging filmmakers and it shows! I will certainly re-submit any future projects and I encourage other first time (as well as seasoned) filmmakers to do the same. Many humble thanks

    October 2023
  • I was not informed about anything, I don't know when the festival was held and whether the films were released or not, it was not a good experience. The communication of the festival was poor.

    October 2023
  • Colin Mercer

    Very cool concept for a fest.

    October 2021
  • Xavier Baeyens

    Thanks for the selection of my short!

    September 2020
  • A great festival, great people, great communication! Good luck for the future!

    September 2019