Festival Mix is a community event, the first and the biggest queer film festival in Hispanic America. Last year, we showcased over 100 films and videos in four weeks all over the city, drawing an audience of over 15,000.

NEW DATE: Mix México is a sister Festival of Mix New York and Mix Brasil, and this 27th edition will be hosted in June 2024 in some of the best venues in México City: Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris, Cineteca Nacional, Cinépolis, the University Film Circuit (UNAM), Librería Somos Voces, among others.

Mariposa Mix Award for Best International Feature Film in the Competition Section.
Pierrot Films/ Festival Mix Post- Production Award

Festival Mix will be held in June 2023 in Mexico City, and other special screenings outside the city. The application for the Festival is open for national and international feature and short films. These can be fiction films, documentaries, and experimental films.

All productions must have been completed during 2022, or completed before March 1, 2024.

Festival Mix prefers national, and world premieres of Foreign films, as well as world premieres of Mexican films. Regional premieres (American, Latin American, South American) will also be prioritized in both cases. Exceptions to this rule are subject to the discretion of the programming area.

The Festival's program will include competitive and non-competitive sections. Scheduled films will be included in the section that the selection committee deems appropriate.

Before the Call for Works´ deadline, the producer who holds the rights to a film must let know Festival Mix about their interest to participate in it, sending the register format fully completed, which will have the character of an agreement, and it will state that the person knows and accepts these regulations.

Taking part in the Festival implies acceptance of these rules and regulations.

Once registered and selected, the film cannot be withdrawn from the Festival Mix program, nor can it be shown publicly in Mexico City before its official presentation at Festival Mix and until July, 2023. Exceptions to this rule will be commented with the one who holds the rights of the film and will be subject to the discretion of the programming area.

People who´s worked in selected films agree not to make public their participation until the Festival's program is announced by the organizers. If this last point is not fulfilled, the organizers may consider withdrawing the film from Festival Mix.

The producers and distributors of films being a part of the Competition, commit themselves to include the phrase "Festival Mix Mexico Official Selection" in all their advertising and press material, using the Festival logo. This commitment applies to commercial film premieres as well as commercial releases on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD.

The producer who holds the rights must send to the Festival the following data by mail or digitally:

Register format, full and signed

Original title of the film


Subtitles language (if any)

Country of origin

Finish date


Display format

Aspect ratio

Color or/and Black and white

World or national premiere or Festivals in which it´s been exhibited before

If it has won awards and which

Synopsis (two lines maximum)

Bio of the director

Info of the responsible Producer who´s submitting the film: name, address, telephone, email and his/her signature.

Link of the trailer spoken or subtitled in English or Spanish. For online viewing, we recommend using a password.

If you send us a downlodable link, it must not have an expiration date (for example, you cannot send a Wetransfer or similar link, which are only valid for a limited number of days).

To be eligible, films must have been registered and their link sent online no later than March 6, 2022, with no exception.

Works-in-progress are not eligible for submission.

The Festival may use fragments of national and international films and/or trailers (for a maximum of 3 minutes), for promotional purposes.

With the aim of spreading the program and each of the selected films, the Festival may use photos, posters and trailers (of less than 3 minutes) of the films.

Choices about our catalogue´s editorial contents are only responsibility of the Festival.

The schedule, dates and projection times of each film are decided by the Festival Organization.

Selected Spanish spoken films must be submitted for display with English subtitles (unless the film is spoken in this language).

For foreign films in a language other than Spanish, a list of dialogues in English (with time codes) will be required to prepare the subtitling.

If accepted to the Festival Mix Mexico you must agree not to have a full copy of the film available online in Mexico or thru VOD in Mexico, prior to the screening.

Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these regulations. Any conflict (of organization or operation) not provided for in these regulations will be resolved by the organizers.

Overall Rating
  • José Luis Isoard Arrubarrena

    Se rifan. Muchísimas funciones, en muchísimas salas y sedes. Enorme esfuerzo.

    September 2023
  • Un festival de primera línea, gestionado con gran responsabilidad y empatía. Un lujo haber sido parte de la selección oficial con nuestro cortometraje Punto Muerto.

    July 2023
  • John Lincoln

    It was a great pleasure being part of this film festival!

    July 2023