The "Fiorenzo Serra" Visual Anthropology Laboratory of the Società Umanitaria-Cineteca Sarda, with the collaboration of the History Department of the University of Sassari, announces the sixth edition of the FIORENZO SERRA FILM FESTIVAL, for ethnographic productions.
This year's theme is: "Land: the human being and teh territory", a subject very dear to Fiorenzo Serra "Sardinian illustrious", undisputed master of reality cinema, pioneer of Visual Anthropology on the Island.

Registration is open, the deadline for participating is November 10, 2022.
For info and contacts:

The awards, offered by the Società Umanitaria-Cineteca Sarda:

For the medium or feature film category: First prize: 2500 €

For the short film category: First classified: 1000 €

Special category ANTONIO SIMON MOSSA:
The prize is reserved for films presented that do not respect the main theme indicated in art. 2 but have cinematographic qualities of great ethno-anthropological interest.
Best medium or full-length ethno-anthropological film: 1000 €

Best ethnoanthropological short film: 500 €

The prizes will be awarded to the signer of the participation request.

Art. - 1

The "Fiorenzo Serra" Visual Anthropology Laboratory, managed by the Department of History, Human Sciences and Education of the University of Sassari (from now on, called "Department") and the Società Umanitaria - Cineteca Sarda (from now on, called “Film Archive“), as part of a project aimed at enhancing public awareness of the director, filmmaker and ethnologist Fiorenzo Serra, announce for the year 2022 the Competition for ethnographic film productions titled “Fiorenzo Serra Film Festival”. The definition “film production" (from now on, “film”) means any audiovisual product, a documentary film, produced using analogue or digital technologies.
The competition aims to promote the production of films that can contribute to the awareness of ethnographic cultural realities through the audiovisual medium and pursues the objective of protecting and implementing, in a scientific and systematic manner, national and foreign audiovisual productions concerning the ethnographic,
archaeological, historical, cultural-linguistic and environmental heritages. The competition also has the function of better defining, within the framework of the theoretical-methodological debate of the demo-ethno-anthropological
disciplines, not only the important role of visual anthropology, but also the objective of supporting the realization of audiovisual documentation concerning the identity and the cultural specificities of Sardinia, as well as the different national and international social realities.


The competition is thematic in nature and, in each edition, will invite to submit films concerning various aspects of Sardinian, national and international ethnographic and historical-cultural realities.
The theme of the 2022 edition is "Land: the human being and the territory".
The deadline for the films submission and the required documentation (see Article 5) is 10 november 2022, at 11.59 pm. The postmark will serve as proof of the date of submission. In this regard, it is advisable to send the required material by a registered parcel with a return ticket. Submissions that although being sent within the established deadline, will not reach the secretariat within seven days after the deadline .

Art. 3 - AWARDS

The prizes will be awarded to the films selected for the different sections envisaged and listed below on the basis of the medium- full length film distinction (films longer than 30 minutes, titles included) and short film (films shorter than 30 minutes, titles included).
The prizes will be distributed as follows:

The prize is reserved for films submitted and selected for the theme indicated in art. 2.
For the medium or feature film category:

First prize: 2500 €
For the short film category:
First classified: 1000 €

Special category ANTONIO SIMON MOSSA:
The prize is reserved for films presented that do not respect the theme indicated in art. 2 but have cinematographic qualities of great ethno-anthropological interest.

Best medium or full-length ethno-anthropological film: 1000 €
Best ethnoanthropological short film: 500 €

The prizes will be awarded to the signer of the participation request


- Participation in the competition is free and open to all, regardless of age or nationality. Each author or group of authors can send more than one film, but only one of them can be awarded.
- All audiovisual products, professional or non-professional, published or unpublished, filmed in any part of the world, without limits of production year, may participate in the competition, even if they have been submitted to other competitions or festivals, as long as the theme is the one indicated in art. 2.
- The films may be produced in any format and support, but only those with a resolution equal to or greater than 1080p will be taken into consideration. In order to take part in the competition, the film can be sent via internet; however, it is also possible to send it through ordinary mail (always complying with the minimum resolution standard of 1080p). In any case, the two methods of sending must contain all the required documentation.
- Foreign films will have to be subtitled, preferably in Italian or alternatively in English.
- Films for which there is no full ownership of the rights to participate in the competition and for public screening are not allowed to participate.
- Advertising film, video clips, exclusively musical documentaries and editorial video-movies, of an expressly promotional or otherwise commercial nature are not allowed. Films that harm human rights and dignity are not allowed.
- The signer of registration form for the competition is fully responsible for all the responsibilities deriving from an improper use of the film against the producer and/or any third part that may feel offended due to the contents of the film.
- The cost of sending the materials is a responsibility of the participant.
- The organization owes nothing to those who submit a film to the competition, either in a personal capacity or as a rent for the film or to the benefit of the producer or distributor.
- Participation in the competition automatically implies full acceptance of these rules.


For the purposes of a correct participation, a registration form is available and must be completed by the person presenting the work, in its entirety and original signed. Registration can be made on the website: The registration form and the competition announcement are available on the
websites:;;; On Facebook page: Fiorenzo Serra Film Festival (@fiorenzoserrafilmfestival); Cineteca Sarda-Società Umanitaria
(@cineteca.umanitaria). The movies and the required documentation, if sent by ordinary mail, must be placed in a closed envelope showing on the outside, on both sides, the heading “FIORENZO SERRA FILM FESTIVAL 2022”, and sent by the deadline, to the following address: Laboratorio di Antropologia Visuale Fiorenzo Serra,
Dipartimento di Storia, Scienze dell’Uomo e della Formazione Viale Umberto I n° 52, 07100 Sassari. The digital copy can be sent through the web to the e-mail: In both cases, the sending must
be complete with all the required materials and the complete documentation.

The documentation must contain:

- the registration form, originally signed;
- the film in digital format with a minimum resolution of 1080p; alternatively, with regards to the physical transmission, 5 DVD copies, with a minimum resolution of 1080p;
- the subtitle track preferably in Italian and anyway in English, SRT format;
- a trailer or extracts from the film that will be used in the competition’s promotion;
- the synopsis of the film in Italian and English (max 600 characters) in Word format or PDF format;
- biography and filmography of the author or authors in Italian and English (max 1000 characters) in Word or PDF format;
- technical sheet of the film, with cast & credits, in Italian and English, and the list of the musical tracks (author and title of the track) used in the soundtrack;
- at least three stage photographs (jpeg format - 300 pixels / inch);
- one or more photos of the author or authors (jpeg format - 300 pixels / inch).

We also recommend sending informative material about the film and the authors (pressbook, director notes, awards, reviews and more); this information will be used in the communication with the press for the promotion of the competition. International shipments by postal or courier express, coming from non-EU countries, must be
accompanied by a proforma invoice "for cultural use only, without commercial value". The organization of the festival will not be charged with customs fees. The sending of the parcel containing the material can be reported to the secretariat of the competition at the following email address:
All the materials sent, both films and documentation, will not be returned and will be kept in the Archives of the Laboratory of Anthropology "Fiorenzo Serra" and of the Cineteca Sarda, for exclusive cultural and educational purposes. For any doubt or request for clarification, contact the secretary of the Competition at the following


By signing the registration form the author declares:
a) that the work submitted does not violate any laws and regulations in force or rights of third parties;
b) to be the holder of all the rights to use the work and the music (including providing adequate documentation);
c) to relieve the organization of all losses, damages, liabilities, costs and charges of any kind that may be incurred due to the content of its work and its public display;
d) to irrevocably renounce any claim and any action, request or recourse against the organizers of the Competition (Department of History, Human Sciences of the University of Sassari and Società Umanitaria - Cineteca Sarda), members of the Jury, and of all the people involved in the competition in any way and relieves them from any responsibility in this regard.


The competition will be divided into three steps:

1st: the works received by the deadline will be subject to a pre-selection by a commission composed by the promoters of the competition: Laboratory of Anthropology "Fiorenzo Serra" and Cineteca Sarda. Films received more than seven days after the competition deadline (with regard to sending by post) (see art. 2) and those
submitted without the required documentation, complete and correct (see art. 4 and 5) will not be subject to pre-selection. The authors of the works will be notified by email of the selection at the final stage.

2nd: the selected films for the final stage will be examined by a jury appointed by the promoters of the competition. The prizes will be awarded by the unquestionable judgement of the jury which will be solely responsible for identifying the winners.

3rd: public event with screening of a finalist films selection, which will end with the public award ceremony with the announcement of the winners (see art. 8). In case the restrictions related to the "COVID 19" pandemic are still in force, (or others cases arising out of contingent cases not foreseeable at the time of the call for competition), the final stage could undergo some variations in order to respect the safety rules necessary to prevent the spread and contagion of the virus.

The jury will be composed of members with the following characteristics: ethno- emoanthropological disciplines experts; cinema experts; personalities from the world of culture; at least one member appointed by the Laboratory of Anthropology "Fiorenzo Serra". The jury will elect a "jury president" from among its members.
The prizes will be awarded to films that will better address the theme of the competition. The jury will therefore be asked to evaluate the thematic relevance, the communicative and directorial efficacy expressed in the narrative and aesthetic dimension of the film and any other element that it deems appropriate to consider for the purpose of identifying the winners. The jury can decide to award a maximum of 2 (two) ex-aequo prizes for the 1st and 2nd place and in case the prize will be divided equally among the winners.
The winners of the competition will be informed 15 days before the award ceremony in order to organize and ensure their presence for the delivery of the prize. The winners are bound by the secret concerning the awarding of the prize, which must be made public only on the day of the award ceremony. Any early dissemination of the news by the winner will result in the cancellation and non-recognition of the sum foreseen by the prize.


The films selected and evaluated by the jury, as part of the competition, will be presented to the public in an event that will take place at the end of the competition phase by December 31, 2022 and which will end with the awarding of the winners. The promoters reserve all the organizational choices regarding the event.


Any dispute that may arise in relation to the relationships covered by this regulation shall be referred to the judgment of an arbitration panel, made up of three members, of which:
a) one, acting as chairman of the arbitration panel, will be appointed by common agreement of the director of the Società Umanitaria - Cineteca Sarda and the
Director of the Department;
b) one nominated by the competitor;
c) one appointed by common agreement by the persons referred to in the previous two points a) and b) or, in the absence of an agreement, by the President of the Court of Sassari.
For any exception not covered by this regulation, the organization of the competition has the right to take final decisions. This regulation is written in Italian and English. In case of interpretative problems, the Italian version is held valid.



Overall Rating
  • Honored to have won first prize with THE CANVAS, in the Antonio Simon Mossa section. Extremely professional festival that I recommend without a doubt!

    January 2023
  • Rima Kerkebane

    Festival très intéressant, ce fut un plaisir d'avoir mon film sélectionné cette année.

    January 2023
  • Ilir Kabashi

    Thank you very FSFF much for everything.

    December 2021
  • Massimo Gasole

    A genuine film festival with a nice and comfortable hospitality!

    December 2021
  • Thank you for a great festival! It was an honour to have our documentary "I'm a recovering racist" as part of this year's festival.

    December 2021