Are you waiting to be discovered? DIFFS is on the hunt for the next big thing!

DIFFS is the film festival with a difference that offers guidance to all entrants as well as promotional opportunities to official selection films, scripts and artists and networking oppourtunities to winners.
It's about time film festival started working for the artists who pay to enter them and that is why DIFFS are different.

For entrants who do not make it into Official Selection some lines of feedback is offered in the hope that filmmakers can grow and hone their skills.

DIFFS has Official Selection, Nominations and Winner allocations across multi genre categories for narrative and documentary works including:
*Sci Fi

These genres are awarded across the following entry types:
* Feature Film
* Short Film
* Feature Script, and
* Short Script entries

These are Official Selection, Nomination and Award-winning DIFFS branded laurels and social media promotional shares for all with a promotional review for winning entries and feedback for entries who did not make it into Official Selection.

DIFFS also has Official Selection along with a DIFFS branded laurel for Pilot Script, Pilot Film, Micro Short Film and Feature Short Film, Trailer and Acting Reel entries and also a winners DIFFS branded laurel for each.

Winners are givens advice on where to take their project next.

7-18 minutes in length for narrative and documentary short films.
70-150 minutes in length for narrative and documentary feature films.
Short scripts to pilot scripts to feature scripts in drama, comedy, horror, thriller and sci-fi.