Red Door Magazine is an international arts & culture publication released quarterly, founded in NY in 2009 and currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where it is also a gallery.

Red Door collaborates, as a cultural organizer, in various festivals and events in the Nordic region, with a focus on poetry, and the poetics of film-making, in short films, experimental, animation and poetry films, as well as documentaries.

This is an open call for a series of talks and events, hosted by award-winning poet Elizabeth Torres, who will be presenting the selected films in the Nordic countries in the fall of 2023. Several organizations are participating as hosts, and you can read more at

We are specially asking for films, and poetry films, which have a focus on diversity and representation. Afro-Nordic films, LatinX films, BIPOC and QUEER projects are encouraged to submit.

An environmental focus, or other forms of activism as thematic are also encouraged to apply.

POETRY FILMS selected will join the permanent archive of the Poetic Phonotheque.

Screening of the films in Stockholm, Sweden, Helsinki, Finland, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

-All poetry films submitted will be accepted to the POETIC PHONOTHEQUE, an international, multimedia poetry archive which exists online and on location in the Nordic countries, and which often travels to schools and cultural events.

-No films over 40 minutes
-Red Door serves as a safe space which encourages openness and diversity.