Stuart Pound lives in London and has worked in film, digital video, sound and the visual arts since the early 1970’s. Since 1995 he has collaborated with the poet Rosemary Norman.

:: Biography ::
Past screenings include MoMA (Paris), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Tate Modern,
London Film Festival EXPERIMENTA, Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Havana, Split Festival of New Film, Media Forum Moscow International Film Festival, prog:ME Centro Cultural Telemar, Rio de Janeiro, KunstFilmBiennale Köln, Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, International Film Festival Rotterdam,
LA Freewaves UCLA Hammer Museum of Art, Tehran International Short Film Festival, FILE Festival, São Paulo, HAFF Holland Animation Film Festival (Utrecht), Documenta Madrid, BFI National Film Theatre London. Athens Digital Arts Festival, Saison Vidéo Espace Croisé. Lille.
:: Filmography ::
2022 Alice in Arizona, Drift through mirrors, Bus Stop
2021 :: another story ::, 1910, nor being, sliding lines
2020 Maharajah, People also ask, Lost Photons, Run Version Vertical
2019 A slower speed of light, “Value”: boolean, now breathe out
2018 Song of the Nobird, Trotters, femme au chapeau
2017 Snow, Palio di Siena, Boogie Stomp Pink, Threading, Mask
2016 Reality, Aviatrix, for the time being, 1960 :: Movie :: Still, Lindy Hop
2015 Voices Off & On, Pagoda, Six Portraits of Clara Schumann, Song Lines
2014 Vampire Bat, Hopeless, ORWO, To be a Ghost
2013 Shooting Loops, Père Lachaise (remade), Run, all that passed.
2012 Chase, Times New Român, Snail, Grandmother is a Crab
2011 Music Box, Laundry, software, A woman from the past, much loved.
2010 Dance 0-19, Time Code, Les Barricades Mystérieuses, simple simple simple
2009 Retro disk chunter, Die Nebensonnen, Speech, Not you again!
2008 Dominant Culture, SF, The Poet & his Muse 1909, Venus Separated
2007 Chez Pigeon, Camouflage with White Shirt, She's Not There
2006 Square Fragments, Reverberations in time, Bus Stop, Hotel Sevilla
2005 Der Doppelgänger, Kissing in hats, Tehran Trace, Birdsong Marimba
2004 Quadrant, English Lessons
2003 The Phantom City, Postcard, The Fish in the Machine#3
2002 Plaza Continuum, Satara,Time's Frequencies, Exposure
2001 Ventura California, Kaleidoscopics, Writing Behaviour
2000 Song of the Nobird, Porno Neutrinos, Ghost & the Crystal
1999 Cuba Libre, 9 1/2 Weeks in 8 minutes, White Fade Symmetries
1998 Mother Child & Crab, Eating Disorder
1997 Père Lachaise, Alarm, L'Amour Fou
1979 Codex 60 minutes 16mm
1972 Clocktime 80 minutes 16mm
Birth Date
March 26, 1944
Birth City
London, England
London, England
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