1.) It's a discovery festival, a meeting place and a springboard for young talents up to the age of 27 years from Germany and all over the world. Important: Please don't forget to indicate in your submission the year of birth of the director.
2.) There are no limitations to any subject or duration of a film.
3.) Completion Date: after 1st January 2018.
4.) The age of the director in the year of production is decisive. Applicants may enter one or more works.
5.) There are 2 categories for which a film can be submitted: the international competition for films from all countries except Germany and the national competition for films only from Germany.
6.) The director of each selected film will be invited to the screening of the film.This invitation includes free accommodation for 1 until 2 persons.

The festival is both a German and an international competition. Each selected film and its director will be introduced by the festival presenters. The members of the national and international jury, exclusively selected for each festival, are viewing all films along with the audience for the first time.

At the end of the festival, the live jury has to come to a decision and awards the prizes: 'INTERNATIONAL YOUNG FILMMAKERS AWARD' in the international competition and 'Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis' (GERMAN NEWCOMER AWARD) in the national competition.

Festivals philosophy: Just be yourself. trust yourself. Have your own visions. There are no limits to subject or duration.

We invite young directors not older than 27 years from all countries to submit their films (produced either alone or in groups). The age of the director in the year of production is decisive. Applicants may enter one or more works.

All works must have been completed after 1. January 2018. If the original language of the film is neither English or German, the film should be subtitled in one of these two languages. Otherwise an English or German dialogue list should be enclosed.

The selection criteria do not emphasize technical perfection but originality, autonomy of the concept and how the concept has been translated into film.