Two Riversides Film and Art Festival is a unique artistic and cultural project destined for the enthusiasts of cinema and dedicated to the art of cinema and other forms of art which contribute to artistic films: literature, music, theatre and visual arts.

Two Riversides introduces to the viewers the most recent productions („World Under Canvas” and „In the Short Run” sections) and the heritage of world cinema. It also presents works of great contemporary directors and uncovers the creative worlds of remarkable actors in the section „And God Created Actor”. „Music My Love“ is one of Festival’s favorite sections, comprised of films which show special interest in the music side of cinema. Live concerts during the opening night are connected with the films presented at the Festival.

Two sides of the river is a metaphor not only of our host towns, but also of the two sides of art: the author and the viewer. Meeting the artists with their audience is one of the most important goals of the Festival. „Cinema Lesson – a Confession of Filmmaker” is a special meeting during which the great filmmakers unravel the secrets of their work. During the Festival the audience has an opportunity to meet directors, film industry personalities as well as enjoy artistic concerts and performances.

Two Riversides Festival owes its uniqueness to the two hosting towns as well. Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec are considerable tourist attractions as the most beautifully situated little towns in Poland. They were established in the 12th century and they still have the unforgettable medieval atmosphere. Before WWII, they were important centers of the Jewish culture.

**PLEASE attach dialogue lists (original and English) to your submission (required by the festival's organizer).**

The Festival anticipates the following minimum amounts of the prizes:
The Main Prize: 5 000 PLN gross,
Second Prize: 3 000 PLN gross,
Third Prize: 2 000 PLN gross.

**PLEASE attach dialogue lists (original and English) to your submission (required by the festival's organizer).**


Of submitting films to the 2019 TWO RIVERSIDES Film and Art Festival

§ 1
1. The Regulations specify the terms of submitting, qualifying and managing the films in respect to the organization of the 13th TWO RIVERSIDES Film and Art Festival, called henceforth the Festival, which will be held from July 27th to August 4th, 2019.
2. The Festival is organized by The TWO RIVERSIDES Association. The Association is the Festival’s legal representative of all matters.
3. The submitted films should meet the requirements of these Regulations.

§ 2
The permanent Festival’s sections are:
1. World Under Canvas,
2. In The Short Run,
3. Music, My Love,
4. Great Cinema On Small Marketplace.

§ 3
Competitions and polls:
1. Audience Poll,
2. International Short Films Competition.

§ 4
Basic rules of submitting films to the Festival:
1. The entry is open for fiction, documentary, animation and experimental films to the main program:
1.1. World Under Canvas;
1.2. In The Short Run;
1.3. International Short Films Competition.
2. Films rejected in previous editions will not be taken into consideration.
3. It is possible to submit a film on special conditions, accepted by the Festival’s Artistic Director.

§ 5
World Under Canvas:
1. Feature fiction, documentary, animation and experimental films (longer than 60 min);
2. Films before the official Polish theatrical release;
3. Films made in 2018 or 2019, older when it will be a Polish premiere of the film.

§ 6
In The Short Run:
1. Short films (less than 60 min);
2. Films made in 2018 or 2019, older when it will be a Polish premiere of the film.

§ 7
International Short Films Competition:
1. The Competition is organized by The TWO RIVERSIDES Association;
2. In the Competition take part:
2.1. Short films (shorter than 35 min.)
2.2. Films made in 2018 or 2019, older when it will be a Polish premiere of the film.
3. Films are assessed by the Jury selected by the Festival’s Programming Department.
4. The Competition Prizes. The Festival anticipates the following minimum amounts of the prizes:
4.1. The Main Prize: 5 000 PLN gross,
4.2. Second Prize: 3 000 PLN gross,
4.3. Third Prize: 2 000 PLN gross.
5. The prize mentioned is given to the director of the awarded film.
6. The Festival will pay the prizes within 30 days from an official announcement of the Competition’s results. The basis document will be the Jury Statement, signed by all its members, comprising the names of the winners and the amounts of the prizes. The winners should provide all necessary data needed to make a payment. The Festival will deduct and pay taxes according to the regulations in force.
7. The Festival will not incur neither the costs of making the submitted films, nor the prize collection.
8. The Festival reserves the right to stop or cancel the Competition.

§ 8
The Audience Poll:
1. In the Poll take part films presented in the section World Under Canvas.
2. Feature films presented in other sections which are the Polish premieres may be included. The final list of the Audience Poll films will be published on the Festival’s website one week before the start of the Festival at the latest.
3. The Festival audience votes for the film on special, marked coupons, granting the title from 1 to 5 points.
4. Films which will gather less than 30 valid coupons will not take part in the Audience Poll.
5. Out of valid coupons will be calculated the weighted mean. The Director of the film which gets the highest result will receive the Audience Award.

§ 9
Submission of films:
1. Submission of the film is possible only via the Internet platform available at:
2. The cost of submission is 5 USD (five US dollars) per movie until May 10, 2019 and 10 USD (ten US dollars) between May 11 and 31, 2019.
3. It is eligible to submit only one (1) film of the given director.
4. The completed Entry Form should be sent by May 31st, 2019.
5. Submitter must be authorized to make the submission and grant to the Organizer a license for the screening of the film at the Festival and the accompanying materials for promotion of the film screening within the Festival.

§ 10
Language versions:
1. Films should be submitted in the original version with English subtitles.
2. Films in Polish and English version do not need to have English subtitles.
3. When the film is selected for the Festival, the English dialogue list and original dialogue list (when not English) should be provided.

§ 11
The selection of the submitted films:
1. If the submission via is late or entry form is not duly completed, the Festival has no obligation to admit the film to the selection.
2. The Festival does not bear the responsibility for the submissions delayed or lost due to force majeure.
3. The Festival has the right to place submitted films into a different Festival section.
4. The Festival informs by e-mail about selection results only submitters or entity of films selected to the program.
5. The Festival will not pay a fee for the screening selected films.
6. A selected film cannot be withdrawn from the Festival program after July 5th, 2019.

§ 12
Screening copies of the films selected for the Festival:
1. Film formats that can be presented at the Festival are:
1.1. DCP (excluding International Short Films Competition);
1.2. Blu-Ray;
1.3. Different formats, including file format, should be approved by the Festival.
2. The screening copies should reach the Festival Office in Warsaw by July 12th, 2019. Any exceptions to this rule should be agreed with the Festival before this date.
3. The Festival incurs one way shipment costs:
3.1. Upcoming transport, when after the Festival the film is shipped to the next film event.
3.2. Outgoing – when the film is submitted in the Entry process.
3.3. The rule has no application when the film is invited by the festival and its transport is from and to the owner of the copy – in such cases, the Festival covers the costs of transport in both ways.
4. The Festival is responsible for the screening copies from the moment of pick-up from the shipper (when importing) to the moment of giving them to the shipper (when re-exporting). The Festival’s responsibility for damage or loss of the print is limited to the cost of making a new print according to the present laboratory rate for making a standard print.
5. Damage to the film print must be reported in the written form to the Festival Office prior to any following screening or, if there are no following screenings, within a month after the return of the copy.
6. All prints will be returned by September 15th 2019 at the latest.

§ 13
Promotion and publications (concerns the qualified films):
1. The Festival has the right to use excerpts (max 3’), trailers and pictures from the film for promotion and public relation purposes.
2. Once the participation of the film is officially confirmed, the Festival is qualified to use excerpts from the film (max 3’); and to publish information about the film on the Festivals’ website as well as in all printed promotional materials (such as the catalogue, the program brochure, press materials etc.).
3. The Festival reserves the right to use all publicity materials before, during and after the Festival.
4. The submitters of the movies from the International Short Films Competition consent to 5 (five) free of charge screenings of the awarded movies on special screenings in Poland and abroad after the Festival. The exact schedule of planed screenings will be sent to the film’s creators.

§ 14
Concluding remarks:
1. In case of doubt the definitive interpretation is up to the Festival’s Artistic Director.
2. Please send any questions regarding the submission and selection of films to:
3. The International Short Films Competition, with conditions described above, is not “a game of chance”, nor “a tambola”, nor “a mutual bet”, nor “a promotional lottery” which result depends on coincidence according to art. 2 of The Act of Games of Chance and Mutual Bets from 29.07.1992 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, no 68, it. 341 with later changes).
4. Submitting a film to the TWO RIVERSIDES Film and Art Festival is equivalent to the acceptance of the conditions set out in these Regulations.
5. Submitting a film to the TWO RIVERSIDES Film and Art Festival is equivalent to the acceptance of processing personal data for the selection and marketing purposes by the Festival (Data Protection Law from 29.08.1997, Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, no 133, it. 833 with later changes).

Overall Rating
  • Ewa Kochańska

    A great program and atmosphere go hand in hand with very good organization!

    October 2019
  • Bea de Visser

    Great festival. Thank you festival team and visitors.

    October 2019
  • A highly professional, well organized and communicative festival! Fantastic views with settings by the river and mountains. Thank you so much! We can't wait to send you some new shorts from Warsaw Film School, for the next festival edition. Keep up the amazing work!

    March 2019
  • Gio Olmos

    Great team, keep it up!

    August 2018
  • Natalija Ju

    Excellent crew of the festival, excellent organization of the festival, understanding public.

    October 2017