The Zimbabwe Annual Film and Television Awards (ZAFTAs) is the premier event that recognizes and celebrates the outstanding achievements and contributions of actors, directors, producers, writers, presenters, technicians, and other industry players, connecting them to global audiences.

Our mission is to promote creativity, collaboration, and excellence in the film and television industry. The ZAFTAs are held annually in Harare, Zimbabwe, providing a platform for showcasing the best of Zimbabwean talent to the world. As the custodian of the awards, the Cinema Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) is committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence and promoting the growth and development of the industry.

Our inaugural event is slated for 2 December 2023, and we promise an unforgettable experience for all attendees. The event will open with a glamorous red-carpet parade, followed by an awards ceremony complete with live musical entertainment. We are excited to showcase the best of Zimbabwean talent and to provide an opportunity for industry players to network, collaborate, and learn from each other.

We are dedicated to creating a positive impact on the industry and the wider community by celebrating the power of film and television to inspire, educate, and entertain. We believe that the ZAFTAs will not only showcase Zimbabwe's unique voice and perspective but also help to raise the profile of the industry both locally and internationally.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Zimbabwe Annual Film and Television Awards. We invite you to join us in this exciting new initiative and to be a part of the celebration of exceptional cultural and creative industry players.

All ZAFTA winners will be presented with the ZAFTAs Trophy and the Certificate of Achievement. The ZAFTAs Trophy is a symbol of national pride, hard work and success and it reflects the dreams and ambitions of the Zimbabwean cultural and creative industry.

Classification of Films (Genres)
Submissions will be classified into the following genres:
• Feature Films: Film works with a length of 60 minutes and above based on imagination and not necessarily fact.
• Short Films: Film works with a running time of 59 minutes or less, including the credits, and based on imagination and not necessarily fact.
• Documentary: Film works of between that are based on factual events or facts about a person(s) or place(s).
• Animation: This genre will house all film works consisting of a series of drawing, puppets; both computer and non-computer generated, to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence. (From 2 min+.)
• Television Drama/Series; A television drama/series is a show presented in a dramatic way and explores a range of genres, from comedy, soap opera, science-fiction to costume drama, and usually engages with issues of the day in an accessible fashion that an audience can connect with. (Duration between 5mins – 60 mins)
• Music: Music videos are short films that accompany a song and aim to enhance its meaning and impact. The award category celebrates the artistry and innovation of music video directors and cinematographers who have made a significant contribution to the industry.
• Online Content: Encompasses a wide range of online content, including web series, podcasts, blogs, social media content, and other digital media formats.

How to Enter?
• All submissions to be accompanied by a completed Entry Form. Entry Forms will be available on the ZAFTA website at
• If you do not own the rights for the production, a letter of permission is required.
• Each Entry is required to be subtitled in English.
• Cue sheets to be included with each submission for consideration under the original music category.
• Entries submitting under Writing categories must submit the film and its screenplay. For television, submit 2 episodes and their screenplays.
• Entries submitting under Production Design/Art Direction, Hair & Makeup and Costume Design must submit a motivation which includes the budget, creative treatment, timelines, number of members on each team, and whether the set is an original creation or an existing set.
• Submit2 x Full Episodes and a showreel of no more than 30 minutes, for the Best TV Presenter category.
• Current Affairs shows to submit 2 episodes between 20 minutes and not longer than 60 minutes. NOTE: Segments WILL NOT BE eligible for submission.
• TV Comedy Submission 2 x Full Episodes
• TV Drama Submission 3 x Full Episodes
• Online Content (Web series) 3 x Full Episodes minimum of 5 mins long and a max of 24 minutes

Terms and Conditions
To be eligible for consideration, all films must meet the following requirements:
• Participation in the ZAFTA 2023 awards implies acceptance of the rules and regulations.
• Only Zimbabwean citizens must submit their work.
• Films that were previously submitted to other Awards are acceptable for submission.
• There are No Submission fees.
• The film(s) submitted in the Indigenous Culture, Language and Tradition should have English subtitles.
• Film(s) and documentary works being submitted must have been produced between January 2018 and September 2023.
• Television productions, music videos, and online content created between January 2022 to September 2023 will be accepted.
• Films from any country must have been directed or produced by a Zimbabwean citizen.
• Video Format Requirements. Accepted File formats include .MP4, .AVI, MOV, .MP4, .M4V. Resolution from 480p,720p and 1080p
• We only accept multiplexed files (i.e., with audio, video, and subtitles in a single file). Your film file should not exceed 4GB.
• You are required to thoroughly test your film before submission.
• Trailers as a substitute for your film and work-in-progress shall not be accepted at the Awards.
• Return of Materials; any material submitted will not be returned.