GIFT Fest- Grand International Film and Theatre festival or the Grand International Fusion of Talents festival is a platform that helps budding talent blossom, indeed we help grow talent. If you can film, sing, act and dance or even do much more then this is the festival for you!

At GIFT Fest, we celebrate talent as we provide a platform for communication. Performing arts activities in the genres of Film and Theatre allow young people to express themselves through performance, helping them build confidence, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Film and theatre are platforms where people can tell stories in imaginative ways. What's more, with mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, creating and editing films or stage performances has never been more accessible for a wider population. GIFT Fest welcomes you all!

100 USD for the most prolific student
75 USD for the 2nd most prolific student
50 USD for the 3rd most prolific student
GIFT Fest gift vouchers
Trophies for winners in each category
Certificates of merit
School participation certificate
Certificates of participation for all
GIFT Fest most prolific student Award
Most creative production
Best costume and set production
Best Director Award
Best Actress Award
Best Actor Award

Our guiding themes this season are; Cybersecurity/Online safety, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the environment.
Your production, therefore, should show internet intrigues occasioned by the pandemic. You can also do productions related to the environment and how conserving the environment is important to humanity. All these tri-thematic areas can be handled in one production or you can choose to handle one theme in one production. For example, the DIY craft and art category can focus on how to recycle items or how to use trash to create treasurable artistic pieces. As you choose an appropriate theme to handle, your productions should adhere to the following rules;
1. All productions MUST be clean content and family-friendly without explicit scenes.
2. In the case of students they must be members of a school; however, homeschooling students are also eligible to participate registered under a homeschooling body.
3.Submissions are accepted via electronic submission only, with the scriptwriter's name (s), synopsis, title, and contacts. The video must be of the best quality possible in terms of sound and video clarity.
4. All productions must be in English or with English subtitles.
5. There is no limit to the number of projects you may submit.
6. Feature screenplays and stage plays must be a minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 10 pages. i.e 15 minutes of performance time.
7. Verses, poems, and songs must be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes of performance time.
8. GIFT Fest will claim no ownership of your work. All ownership rights to the scripts and performances will remain with the original rights-holder(s).
9.By submitting your products to GIFT Fest you give our festival the rights to screen in our festival
10. All registration fees are non-refundable
11.Double-check to ensure that the right project has been submitted to the right category
Submitters/student photos and videos can be used in the following channels of publications;
 Face book
 Instagram
 Twitter
 You tube
 Website
 Brochures
 Banners and backdrops
 Folders and program schedule covers
The aim of such publications includes the following;
 Acknowledging good performance by submitters/students
 Running infomercials
 GIFT Fest promotion
 Goodwill sensitization
Please note that;
 By submitting your production to participate in GIFT Fest, you give consent for the management of GIFT Fest to use your images or those in the submitted productions in all the above publications and channels.
 The use of images and video is NOT for commercial use, and no remuneration will be given to the submitter/student

13.Entries from any part of the world are accepted, we celebrate the talent with education and entertainment value. Let's share and celebrate talent together, you are most welcome

Overall Rating
  • Wonderful film festival. Great creative team. I enjoyed participating in the program. I recommend everything to filmmakers!

    December 2021
  • Boyan Hristov

    So glad that i took part in this festival.
    Organized and professional attitude.
    More people should apply next time.
    Keep up the good work, fellas:)

    June 2021
  • Vittorio Caratozzolo

    Very nice and interesting event. Proud to be "present" at the ceremony and happy for the award.

    May 2021