Raintree International Film Festival is an annual film festival that celebrates the art of storytelling. The festival is run by the Community Arts Center of Danville, Kentucky and includes celebrated independent films from around the world, with special programs for Kentucky filmmakers and a deaf film program.

Our 2015 award winners are:

Best of the Fest — Crevette, France, Sophie Gailbert
Best Feature Film — Endless, India, Manikandan K
Best Animated Film — None of That, USA, Isabela Littger, Anna Hinds Paddock, Kriti Kaur
Best Documentary — No. 2: Story of the Pencil, USA, William Allen
Best Short Film — The Red Thunder, USA, Alvaro Ron
Best Kentucky Film — Peacelands/Mark Anthony Mulligan, Gregory Luchini Maddox

By submitting to Raintree International Film Festival, you agree that you have read, understand and/or agree to abide by the following: You have secured all necessary rights for all material, including music licenses, for festival play and for subsequent duplication and promotion of your film. Raintree International Film Festival and parent organization Community Arts Center, Inc., reserve the right to use all submissions for unlimited promotions. Up to 5 short films may be entered for the current entry fee. To submit multiple short films, submit your first short and pay the current entry fee, then contact the festival organizer to receive a code to submit up to 4 more short films for free. Any film shorter than 40 minutes is considered a short. Any film longer than 40 minutes is considered a feature film. Entries will not be returned. Judges’ decisions are final. All prizes need not be awarded.