OVFF will be held in December 2021, at the online-platform.

We are bringing together filmmakers from around the world for an unforgettableĀ presentation of cinematicĀ  innovation to international auditory. We want to show an original world view of talented filmĀ creators.

Open Vision Film Festival's content includesĀ short films, experimental short, animated short, music, dance, travel videos, commercial creativity, documentary. And of course we didn't forget about ecology theme,Ā  COVID2019. OVFF is also openedĀ  for filmmakers, who has films about love without gender stereotyping.

This event should help the world cinema society to find new talented innovators. It takes place because of independence of OVFF participants and the creative freedom that we are ensuring at our platform.

The 2021 Open Vision Film Festival moved online due to Covid-19. It gives the opportunity for international filmmakers to take part andĀ become immensely popular!Ā 

We'll be glad to every person from cinema people community around the whole world!

All films of the finalists will compete for awards in the following categories of nominations:

Best Short film
Best Animation Short film
Best Fashion Video
Best Music Video
Best Dance Video
Best Travel Video
Best LGBT Short
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Commercial Video
Best Short Film at Ecology category
Best Short Film at COVID 2019 category
Guaranteed Participation Category

Creators of best short filmes will get world-famous through:
āœ“ the interview of international Marika Magazine.
āœ“ the Cover of international Marika Magazine.
āœ“ Posting of the Short Film at the Open Vision Film Festival platformes

Open Vision Film Festival has 5 sessions:


šŸŽ¬ For the first session you can apply till April 5.
Films screening will take place on April 12-17.

šŸŽ¬ For the second session you can apply till June 28.
Films screening will take place on July 5-11.

šŸŽ¬ For the third session you can apply till September 6.
Films screening will take place on September 13-19.

šŸŽ¬ For the fourth session you can apply till November 28.
Films screening will take place on December 1-5.

From each category from each session we'll choose three best short films! The directors of 180 best works will participate in our OFFLINE FINAL SESSION! We'll meet with them at January 2022. And also all of our finalists will get the interview and the Cover of the international Marika Magazine!šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

Please, note, that we can publish ALL SHORT FILMS from festival at Open Vision Film Festival's platforms.

Open Vision Film Fest will consider any short film under 40 minutes.

We do not provide a fee waiver.
We do not accept:
1. Amateur videos
2. Pornographic films
3. Films with a poor production quality: bad sound, bad montage, lack of subtitles films, video resolution less than 720p HD. Subtitles must be in English and attached in Srt- format.
5. Extremist or propaganda content from religious or political organizations

For all Categories:

1. Attending this competition implies acceptance of its rules and its decision, which is final, and the waiver of any claims;
2. Submissions are accepted through FilmFreeway;
3. Submission fee's are nonrefundable;
4. The organization of Open Vision Film Fest accepts no legal responsibility for the films in competition and its contents;
5. Submitting your film does not guarantee festival acceptance or screening. Acceptance into the competition does not guarantee award or prize.
6. All films must be presented in their original language with English subtitle. Please, attach to your Submission subtitles in Srt- format.
7. The film selected for the competition must be sent in FullHD format (.MP4, .MOV or .MKV) via file hosting for ovffest@gmail.com;
8. We accept all films in categories: Short film, Fashion film,
Animation Short film, Music Video, Dance Video, Travel Video, LGBT Short, Documentary Short Film, Commercial Creativity, Short Film at Ecology cathegory, Short Film at COVID 2019 cathegory.
9.Premiere status is not required.
10. Submission of several films is permitted. Each submission requires an entry fee.
11. All films must have been completed after 1 January 2018.
12. Short film entries must not exceed a running time of 40 minutes.
13. All filmmakers accept that if their film is selected for competition, they grant permission for the Open Vision Film Fest to screen the film at all platforms (Instagram. Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook etc), as well as part of the film (a few seconds) for the festival's promotional trailer.
14. To participate in the Opem Vision Film Fest, submitted films must comply with current legislation regarding copyright and the right to privacy of individuals. Therefore, participants guarantee that the films submitted to the festival do not violate current legislation regarding exploitation rights, rights to honour, privacy or image or intellectual property rights and / or industrial and / or any other third party rights.
15. The submiters confirm that they have the right to publicly display the film, including images, music, texts, art and all that is in the copyright law. The submiters confirm that their sort films can be published at the Open Vision Film Festival's platforms (Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc)
16. In case of force majeure circumstances, changes to the dates of the festival are provided.
17. Open Vision Film Fest reserves the right to change our programming, rules and event parties without notice.The films of the winners of the film festival will be published in the international magazine Marika and shown in the final stage of the festival at the end of the year.

Overall Rating
  • My first film festival, it was interesting to participate and thank you very much for the victory

    October 2021
  • Kate Samozhneva

    An independent festival that fosters multicultural dialogue to discover universal human values.
    So glad that our "Kupalinka" participated in OPEN VISION FILM FEST. Thanks so much!

    October 2021
  • Really so glad that my first documentary got an award winner from your festival! looking forward to submit my next projects. Thanks a lot!

    October 2021
  • This festival was honestly so diverse and amazing and just straight up kind in all of their communications. This was an amazing experience and I am so glad I participated. Thank you so much.

    October 2021
  • Really enjoyed this film festival, so much diversity

    October 2021