Are you an autistic media-maker? Do you know an autistic media-maker? Then submit to the Marvels of Media Festival with this FilmFreeway form!

Museum of the Moving Image's Marvels of Media Festival is part of the Marvels of Media initiative, which showcases, celebrates, and supports autistic media makers of all ages and skill sets. The Marvels of Media Festival is an opportunity to recognize the outstanding media work of autistic media-makers through film screenings and in-depth panel discussions. The 2024 Marvels of Media Festival will take place March 28 to March 30 2024.

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If you need help with the application or have questions, you can email

To be eligible for the Marvels of Media Festival, you must:

· Be an autistic media-maker based in the United States
· Submit the work of an autistic media-maker based in the United States

In the custom submission form, there will be questions asking:
· If you are an autistic media-maker
· If you are submitting an autistic media maker’s work
· The role of the autistic media-maker

What is a media-maker?
Media-makers are people who create moving image work. Acceptable media work for the festival includes:
· Film (Experimental, Narrative, Documentary)
· Animation
· Video Art / Single-channel Video

Who is eligible to apply?
· Autistic media-makers can submit their work
· Collaborators can submit on behalf of an autistic media-maker
· Organizations can submit on behalf of an autistic media-maker
· Family and friends can submit on behalf of an autistic media-maker

Is there a minimum level of experience needed?
No. All autistic media-makers can apply. This includes:
· Professionals
· Students
· Teachers
· People of all ages

Is the Marvels of Media Festival accepting international media works?
The Marvels of Media Festival is only accepting media works made in the United States.

What year does a media work have to be completed to be eligible for submission?
A media work must have been completed between 2022-2023 to be eligible for this year’s film festival.

When is the deadline?
The deadline to submit work is January 1, 2024 at 11:59PM EST.

When will I know if my media is selected for the festival?
Filmmakers will be emailed by March 13 2024.

When will the Marvels of Media Festival take place?
The Marvels of Media Festival will take place March 28 to March 30 2024.

Overall Rating
  • Devon Leaver

    The Marvels of Media Awards was an incredible celebration of autistic media makers everywhere. Thank you so much to MoMI, Tiffany Joy Butler, and Miranda Lee for curating such a fantastic event.

    June 2023
  • Cody Fordham

    Excellent festival!! It was so cool meeting all sorts of autistic filmmakers! Tiffany is such a supportive organiser in the program and I loved the films and the award show, definitely would recommend to other autistic filmmakers!

    May 2023
  • This was a really amazing opportunity. I've never been able to meet other autistic media makers in a set-up like this. The exhibit, screenings, and awards ceremony were top-notch. Very much looking forward to future years as this should definitely be an annual event.

    May 2022
  • One of the best experiences our film got to be a part of! What the Marvels of Media did at the Museum of Moving Image for the autism, neurodiversity, community was truly moving and such an epic experience for those involved! Thank you so much marvels of Media for choosing "Boys Don't Wear Dresses" as the honorable mention award for narrative short for your inaugural media awards! We hope to be a part of it again next year!

    May 2022
  • Had a wonderful time meeting other media creators at the museum who were also on the autism spectrum! Very honoured to have my animation graduation film "Cloud Boy" as the festival's first winner of the student category!

    May 2022