LA Indies festival was created by the committee of LA Indies magazine of Hollywood with the intention of creating breakthroughs in the career of talented filmmakers in the film industry. It is important to encourage indie filmmakers to continue working on their craft and create groundbreaking indie films in these challenging times. Our festival will provide the right tools for each official selection to create further opportunities to market, feature, screen and distribute film projects through our partners in media. We understand how challenging it is to make an indie film and we would like to discover and promote indie artists from all over the globe.

Best Feature Narrative Film
Best Feature Documentary Film
Best Short Narrative Film
Best Short Documentary Film
Best Comedy
Best Science Fiction
Best Horror
Best Animation
Best Student
Best TV Series/Pilot/Web
Best Experimental
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematography
Best Producer
Best Editor
Best Composer
Best Script
Best Female Director
Best Youth Artist

All genres are accepted and there are no completion date requirements by LA Indies.
Shorts are considered less than 50 minutes.
Features are considered more than 50 minutes.
Filmmakers can submit their artists and nominate them in artist categories for producing, cinematography, editing etc.
The jury will not provide feedback for official selections and the nominees.
All filmmakers with a film project can submit to the LA Indies magazine category and are guaranteed to be featured by the magazine upon submission.
The festival has the right to use promotional material from the selected films and the award winners at LA Indies Magazine and on social media.

Overall Rating
  • Thanks to LA Indies for nominating my feature screenplay “Hand Twins” by Macee Binns for the festival and for doing a write up on me and my work after the festival. It’s an honor!

    January 2023
  • Three Corners of Deception

    Thank you so much “LA Indies” for giving me the opportunity to shine through your amazing festival!😀 I really appreciate the Acknowledgment that you welcome because you know how hard it is to create such a feature film thank you for appreciating Hard-work!😀

    Dr. Meleeka Clary

    December 2022
  • Thank You for Official selection for my not a new film ,infact quite old short science fiction film V . Its nice and cool when festivals as Yours accept non recent films as mine . Wish You all the best LA Indies .

    October 2022
  • Dylan Brody

    Nice, local fest! Thanks for including me!

    September 2022
  • kevin irvine

    Hello L.A. Indies Film Festival! Thank you so much for acknowledging my feature screenplay, GODFORSAKEN: A STORY OF THREE MARYS, as "Best Script!" I am proud and humbled to be part of your great, diverse event.

    September 2022