In 2022, we share our daily lives on the other side of the globe in 15-second increments.
K-shorts, which leads the trend from the center, will visit with new and diversified content both domestically and internationally.

We invite you to the k-shorts festival armed with communication keywords, away from existing genres and formats such as #super_k #super_mapo #animal #room_corner_shorts #M&T (music, travel) #super_long etc.,

To all the Terrans who communicate through content such as creators, producers, and subscribers,



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[Special Prize]

-Seoul Metropolitan Coucil Culture Gymnasium Committee AWard (1)
-Mapo Cultural Center Award (1)
-KMCNA Award (2)
-RAPA President Award (2)
-IICE Award (3)

<Collection and use of personal information>

- All information provided will be utilized for the following purposes and will not be used for any purpose other than:

① Personal Information Collection Items and Purpose of Collection and Utilization
A) Collection Items (Required)
- Name, affiliation, telephone number (mobile phone), e-mail address, information written on the
application form, or information provided by the applicant
B) Purpose of collection and utilization
- 2022 2nd K-Shorts Festival Applicant Information Gathering

② Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information
- From the date of consent for collection and use until the purpose of collection and use of personal
information is achieved

③ Support precautions
- If the application form is not true, the selection may be canceled.
- The detailed screening process for the selection has not been disclosed.
- Information (name, contact information, e-mail, address, etc.) necessary for public contents contest is
collected from Super C Co., Ltd. and discarded after the selection at the contest