The Halloween Horror Festival is a screening event of short films based upon the following horror themes:

- Theme of Environmental Horror.

By "Environmental Horror" we mean any short, horror movie (up to 15 minutes in length) that features environmental issues.

- The Zombie Horror
I don’t think this genre type needs any explanation. The apocalypse has struck and the world is in chaos. ..

- The Suspense/Thriller Horror
This type of horror film may or may not have a ghost or another worldy being. Maybe, it’s all happening inside your head.

The One that Spooks!
Probably one of the most popular kind of horror, the spooky ones will generally involve a family moving to a suburban location, a haunted house.

The Spiritual Horror
It’s the age-old idea of good vs evil that gives birth to this type of horror in our list of different types of horror movies. You have forces of evil vs the forces of good engaged in a battle which either involves possession of a human being or a thing.

(up to 15 minutes in length)

The screening will take place at the Whirled Cinema in Brixton, London UK.

Please refer to the "rules" section of our website for further details.

All selected films will receive Halloween Horror Festival Official Selection laurels.
All films selected will have the opportunity of the following:

• A trophy for best overall film

Certificates for
• best actor
• best writer
• best director
• best score
• best cinematography
• best production design
• best special fx
• best Animation

This festival is open to submissions from filmmakers from around the world. UK filmmakers encouraged.
Productions not previously screened at the Festival may be submitted
All films must be under 15 minutes in length.
All Ultra Short Films to be under 2 minutes
All Environmental Horror films must be under 10 minutes
All films must be submitted and uploaded to VIMEO.COM by Saturday 1st October 2022. providing all passwords to access your film via Film free way.

All films must use the English language. (Foreign language films that incorporate full English subtitles are permitted.)

The film must not contain any overtly pornographic, racist, homophobic or sexist material.

All submitted films must be uploaded to allowing us to download the MP4 in HD or 4K formats, in 16:9 aspect ratio.

You are responsible for the content of your film. Therefore, you must ensure that the sound/music/motion picture is cleared for public viewing.

All films will be reviewed by our panel and a selection of the best will be shown on the night.
Waiver entries will have to pay to view the screening, this is ensure the festival doesn't make a lost.
All filmmakers must be over 18 years of age to participate in the festival.
There is no required "completed by" date

No one from Halloween Horror Festival or its sponsors has guaranteed you admission into the festival.

Should your film be accepted to Halloween Horror Film Festival, you grant Halloween Horror Festivals the right to use any footage from the preview screener, and all submitted publicity photos and any other materials pertaining to this entry for Halloween Horror Festival's promotional non-commercial purposes, without limitations.

Submissions for films which fall under the under 15 minutes submission category which are accepted, will receive 1 ticket to the screening on October 21st. Additional tickets will have to be purchased.

Additional Tickets will be available to purchase from Friday 7th October, once filmmakers are notified.

Overall Rating
  • I wasn’t able to attend, but my friend went for me. She said it was an incredible venue, really supportive crowd, and an exceptional selection of films. I’m grateful to have been included! Communication was great and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it in person.

    October 2022
  • Gary Trinklein

    I had the pleasure of having my short film, The Shack, win best production design and as I was unable to attend the festival, they made sure I was alerted and send me my trophy. The festival seemed have been run very well and hopefully be able to join in the next one. Thank you for accepting my film!

    October 2022
  • I will absolutely be submitting to this fest again. Great communication and a wonderful, intimate theater. I'm extremely happy with how I and my film were treated.

    October 2022
  • Piero Cannata

    Wonderful festival with an extraordinary selection of short films. Thanks Hakan, for the award and for the kindness shown. I hope to meet you live soon. Thanks again!

    October 2022
  • I had a great time at this festival! There was an amazing selection of films and I got to meet some awesome people. I also loved the chance to see our film screened in front of such an enthusiastic audience of like minded horror fans and filmmakers.

    October 2022