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All films must have hard-coded English subtitles.


UPDATE #6 - June 26th
The films participating in the 🌇 BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM 🌇 category are...
NO JUNGLE! (directed by Carmen Menéndez)
MARTITA (directed by María José Pastore)
TAGARELA - O FILME (directed by Fran Mattoso and Filipe Itagiba)
HAPPY HAPPY BABY (directed by Jan Soldat)

UPDATE #5 - June 16th
The films selected for the BEST ROMANIAN SHORT FILM category are...

UPDATE #4 - June 14th
We are really, really close to releasing the list of selected films, but before we get to that announcement we have to give you a bad news. Because we didn't find enough films to love, we decided to drop the following categories:
Best Valentine's Day Movie
Best Halloween Movie
Best Christmas Movie
All films sent to us for only those categories can be considered NOT SELECTED.

UPDATE #3 - May 9th:
The training sessions are done and all films were sent to our judges. Starting this year, each film will be watched by 3 members of our team! Good luck everyone!

UPDATE #2 - May 6th:
Our submissions window is not officially closed! Thank you very much for trusting us with your beloved projects! We'll make sure to treat them well. Can't wait to watch them all!

UPDATE #1 - February 18th:
We just launched i-Say Short Film Breaks, the online film festival taking place on the i-Say Facebook page and website. Join and share the event with your friends:


Festival Description

Short Film Breaks is the only film festival taking place in private companies.

For our 5th edition, we are waiting for your submissions of short films, which will compete in the following categories:

- Best International Short Film:
One of the two main categories, we're accepting short films, of any genre, under 30 minutes, from all around the world, except Romania.

- Best Romanian Short Film:
Main category. We're accepting short films of any genre, under 30 minutes, produced in Romania or all around the world but having Romanian as the single (or main) dialogue language.

- Best i-Say Short Film Breaks (online):
We're accepting short films of any genre, under 10 minutes, from all around the world. We will be uploading them ONLINE, on the i-Say Facebook page (, to our audience of 2 MILLION members and 180k Facebook followers.

- Best Animation Film:
We're accepting animation films, under 20 minutes, from all around the world.

- Best Documentary Film:
We're accepting documentary films, under 20 minutes, from all around the world.

- Best Experimental Film:
We're accepting experimental films, under 20 minutes, from all around the world.

- Best Music Video:
We're accepting music videos, under 20 minutes, from all around the world.

- Best Valentine's Day Movie:
For our special screenings on February 14th, we're accepting romantic short films, under 15 minutes, from all around the world.

- Best Children's Day Movie:
For our special screenings on June 1st, we're accepting kids short films, under 15 minutes, from all around the world.

- Best Halloween Movie:
For our special screenings on October 31st, we're accepting horror short films, under 15 minutes, from all around the world.

- Best Christmas Movie:
For our special screenings on December 24th, we're accepting Christmas short films, under 15 minutes, from all around the world.


Festival History

We started in 2013, with screenings over a three months period, for the 1000 Ipsos employees in Bucharest and Brasov. Our first edition also had special events and Q&A with guests from the Romanian filmmaking industry like Tudor Giurgiu, Adrian Sitaru or Tom Wilson, among others.

On our second edition we partnered with NexT IFF (, the most important short film festival in Romania. Again, we had weekly screenings for three months and special events with guest like Florin Piersic Jr., Vivi Dragan Vasile, Ioana Flora, Dana Bunescu and Gabi Suciu.

During our third edition we continued our partnership with NexT IFF and added a new one with Alter-Native (, the most important Hungarian language film festival in Romania. That meant that again, for three months in a row, our employees watched short films during their breaks.

In 2016, we moved to the next level and added a competitive component to the festival, besides our non-competitive partnerships with Next IFF and Alter-Native, while starting a new collaboration, with Onion Films from Katmandú (
From the 1985 films submitted, we selected 7 for the Best Romanian Short Film category and 26 films for the Best International Short Film category.


Previous edition updates:

Update #10 - October 2nd
The winner of our #SFB4 Audience Award is... well, uhm...
with the exact same score of 4.86, the winners are...
written and directed by Caye Casas and Albert Pintó
writtend and directed by Julien Paolini.

Update #9 - September 25th
The winner of our #SFB4 Best International Short Film is...
written and directed by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson
with Flóki Haraldsson, Viktor Leó Gíslason, Daníel Óskar Jóhannesson, Jónína Þórdís Karlsdóttir and Heiða Ósk Ólafsdóttir

Update #8 - September 21st
The winner of our #SFB4 Best Romanian Short Film is...
written and directed by Bogdan Muresanu
with Victor Rebengiuc, Alexandru Georgescu and Michel Horatiu Bob

Update #7 - September 14th
What an amazing time we had yesterday, at the screening from J'ai Bistrot București! Fabulous audience, marvellous films!
Stay tuned! We're adding the points and soon we'll present our winners!

UPDATE #6 - September 9th:
Huuuge news! Short Film Breaks teams up with J'ai Bistrot București and next week, on Tuesday, we'll have a grand screening with the highest voted films from our audience competition, plus eight brand-new off-competition gems will be screened for an entire evening.

UPDATE #5 - August 24th:
Our competition ended yesterday with a boom. The last five films screened, full house, laughter, awe. Let the voting and judging commence!

UPDATE #4 - May 23rd:
We're watching your films guys and we're amazed by the quality! June 20, the latest, we'll present this year's line-up!

UPDATE #3 - April 2nd:
With less than half a month to go before our Final Deadline we have amazing news! Our prize pool has just been inflated. At the minimum, we will have prizes of $303!

UPDATE #2 - March 10th:
Great news! We can confirm the doubling of the initial prize pool. At the minimum, we will have prizes of $200!!

UPDATE #1 - February 17th:
A first round of cash prizes have now been confirmed! At the minimum, we will have prizes of $100!!

Awards & Prizes

Best International Short Film - $101
Best Romanian Short Film - $101
Audience Award - $101
Best i-Say Short Film Breaks Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Animation Film
Best Experimental Film
Best Music Video

Rules & Terms

1) All films must have hard-coded English subtitles. Even the ones with dialogue in English. Our audience also contains speakers of other native languages, so English subtitles offer you the assurance they will understand your film, and them a better experience.
2) Proudly, we have no production year / budget / premiere status or availability restrictions for your film. We do ACCEPT films that have has been made available online.
3) Also, entries that have been submitted to previous SFB editions ARE still eligible.
4) The same film can be submitted to more than one category. (Example: Animated film submitted to both Best International Short Film, Best Animation Film and Best Halloween Movie)
5) By submitting your film to the Best i-Say Short Film Breaks Film category, you are granting Short Film Breaks the right to upload your film to the i-Say facebook page ( and confirming that no legal constrains are in place for such uploads.
6) Please read the time limit submission rules for each category. Films that don't respect them will be rejected automatically.
7) By submitting your film you agree that clips, not longer than 30 seconds, from your film and all other material related to your project may be used and/or published on our facebook page / website / event program, or for any promotional purposes which SFB deems appropriate.
8) If selected, all commercial / private property including all trademark / copyrighted materials shown or recorded on the project is the responsibility of the filmmaker. SFB will NOT take responsibility for any infringement of copywritten materials.
9) Rules are subject to change at any time with or without prior notice.

2 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Michael Wong

    Small and cosy short film event that provides screening in Bucharest, Romania. Also due to their affiliation, my short film 'The Story of 90 Coins' has been shown in far-flung Kathmandu as part of an educational film screening event.

    January 2017
    Logo 2016
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much for your review, Michael! We loooove 'The Story of 90 Coins'!

  • false
    Razvan Mihai Badea

    Great idea for a festival and a good way to share films with an audience. The team was very friendly and kept us well informed while the event was going on and we were also given feedback on the films. I would have preferred some more situations where you would get to interact directly with other filmmakers or the audience, but I understand that it's not that kind of festival.

    November 2016
    Logo 2016
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much, Razvan! We loved having THE LONELY KANGAROO part of our festival!